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Gloom Issue One Page Six by patrickstrange Gloom Issue One Page Six by patrickstrange
Here is page six to Gloom # 1 written, illustrated & created by David Newbold of Marvel Comics' Runaways fame and member of my crew, Temple Studios. Letters/Graphic Design was completed by myself, Patrick "The Golden Child" Strange.

Cover art by David Newbold.
themightyfro Featured By Owner May 17, 2005
Hey, looks like you're working on some cool stuff!

In regard to lettering, I think you should give the words a little more space inside the balloons. The words have a tendency to almost hit the stroke of the balloon quite a bit, which looks awkward (for example, the lines of the man bursting through the door on page 2, the man's longest line on panel 3 of page 3, and the leftmost line on this page). If you give the words a little space to "breathe" inside the balloon it will be easier to read and look more comfortable.

I think part of the reason you're having that problem is because most of your balloons look very elliptical. If you take a few extra seconds to stretch out the bezier points on the ellipse (like I showed in the tutorial) you'll get a balloon that has a better shape. I noticed this right away when looking at your pages, because I used to do the exact same thing! This will also help you avoid things like in page 3, panel 7 where the fourth line of the balloon is only the words "and are." If you shape the words in more of an oval (so that the top and bottom lines are shortest, and the middle lines longer) they will fit much better inside the balloon.

I hope that helps! Like I said, this was all stuff I did until a pro pointed it out to me. Keep up the good work!

- Chris
patrickstrange Featured By Owner May 17, 2005
hey chris, thanks for your critiques/comments... as the pages haven't been finalized, I'll definitely being taking up your pointers when I fix them! in regards to the balloons looking very elliptical, I agree with you and that is one of the key things that I pulled from your tutorial that I just got done reading... and its funny you mentioned that a pro pointed this out, I am one and I'm STILL LEARNING... you never stop learning and getting better... thanks again chris! keep in touch.
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