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Hi Guys. c:
I thought I should feature the emotes which always made my day.
So here is a little feature from emotes which I collected over the past months.
Hope you enjoy them.


:8Bclap: by blunaowl :depressed: by Synfull :pregnant: by SparklyDest think happy by Krissi001 I haz cookie by Krissi001 loady circle by Krissi001 :thumb145328133: Anime Emote by Abfc :thumb147540083: sneeze by Krissi001 Leapfrog - animated by BurgerBunny

Loopy Dance by BurgerBunny NOOO don't leave :C by dbestarchitect :thumb149037156: :bootsini: by CookiemagiK 001 - Introduction by Krissi001 :breakcopyright: by Jibodeah 037 - Eyes by Krissi001 Drooling Tard by BurgerBunny :tonguefighting: by tainted-dark :secretlove: by eburt

Rave Project-entry by MenInASuitcase Rave project entry by MixedMilkChOcOlate Tard soothe by BurgerBunny don't mess with me-her by MenInASuitcase :3 by Cmotes :BombingEscape: by MenInASuitcase Harmonies by CookiemagiK Drool revamp by MixedMilkChOcOlate

:sickscream: by MenInASuitcase :BeatingMyselfUp: by MenInASuitcase Golden Tard by TheRockster :thumb124657282: Emoticlown-ist wooo by Emoticlown-ist :InLoveGlomp: by MenInASuitcase I Ate Too Much by MixedMilkChOcOlate :thumb88032099: Summer memories by Droneguard Sticky bal by Droneguard

:thumb118380974: April... by Moonflightspark :numberone: revamp by madb0y :teevee: revamp by madb0y Ninjaa Epic Fail by madb0y beat it without reason :x by MenInASuitcase :sneeze2: by Ikue sad bye by Krissi001

Born to be a Tard by MixedMilkChOcOlate Ultimate combo by CookiemagiK :thumb104722132: Mini Larry revamp by MixedMilkChOcOlate Love it or Hate it by Coconutflakes :facepalmextreme: by ScreamingGerbil balloon by KlauS92 you better learn to jump dude by Emoticlown-ist Swing the girl by BurgerBunny :mouthfulofcrabs: by Ayelie-stuff

What On Earth? by TheRockster :don'tpushthebutton: by jimmy-tm :bounceforjoy: by synconi flying emote by Emoticlown-ist :cheer-up-la: by 5peshal-bo1 don't mess with me-her by MenInASuitcase


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Patrick Rügheimer
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aaw man! how can u type dont push the button?
EPICCNESS!i :heart: emoticonzzz!!!

PatrickRuegheimer's avatar
You can't type it because it's not an offical emote and there is no plz account. :V
insertnamehere12's avatar
oh yeah i always forget about that...:ohnoes:
thx anyways, though!:iconweekenddanceplz:
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Thanks for the features :iconwhistleplz:
PatrickRuegheimer's avatar
You're welcome mate! :hug:
synconi's avatar
Emotes are adorable little things. :iconhappycrynod::heart:
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nice collection.
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:woohoo: ~~this is a wonderful collection~~~ :woohoo:
MickeyMouse-ACE's avatar
Whimsical-Dreams's avatar
Love your selection, some of these I've never seen before. :D
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