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I feature in this News Articel all the Pictures is suggested for an Daily Deviation and all the Suggestions which are accepted, 21 so far.


Featured Suggestions. (21) :clap:

Curves by one-shot-below
by one-shot-below

Bike Driver... by den1zz
Bike Driver...
by den1zz

Cerulean CSS - Free Download
by edmunn

My 'yakuza' friend 2 by SadChi
My "yakuza" friend 2
by SadChi

The fun side of life by FaMz
The fun side of life
by FaMz

:MGS4 - Egg Eater: by jagscupid
:MGS4 - Egg Eater:
by jagscupid

sunshine II by iustyn
sunshine II
by iustyn

The fence and I by prperold
The fence and I
by prperold

jumper by mattdafix
by mattdafix

Afterlife 060204 by parka
Afterlife 060204
by parka

Happiness 2
by Enaaa

Trust In You
by zeqzeq

Kelle IV

by GfN

Tunnel by Shahenshah
by Shahenshah

jean in wonderland by wakuwaku
jean in wonderland
by wakuwaku

Turkey 01 by pica-stock
Turkey 01
by pica-stock

Lovely Flowers by Annissina
Lovely Flowers
by Annissina

getting worthless by Rippie92
getting worthless
by Rippie92

photograph by Fussel2112
by Fussel2112

The Waiter by ajonsaas
The Waiter
by ajonsaas

Suggested Daily Deviations. (245) :clap:

Joy of Motherhood by Buci01:thumb107393008: on the Ivory Tower by Buci01 sunday morning by Laura1995:thumb115067343: Staircase without a title by zuckerblau:thumb115766329: Mirror's Edge by Red-Bananas:thumb113687611: Balea II by iustyn White Staircase by zuckerblau Mornings Beauty by xxxflipxxx:thumb107625965: Typoholics Stamp by typoholics deviantART Moleskine Icons by pica-ae Spring Tree by DavidCraigEllis Suggest a DD stamp by Thiefoworld:thumb107599071: 01010 by KopaBill Snowboarder 2 by MattiasAndersson I'm in love with vexel by Julliversum daisy by DenizDayangac erzgebirge by rattattart A Different View by biroo87:thumb74760339: Paradise Is.... by kkart Praying for Light by Tifa22 stairs 2 by borderone I am what you are not. by GeorgeRiera i n v a s i o n by iustyn I love my stamps by pica-ae Rocky Shore by shuttermonkey:thumb116995215::thumb110825804: tiny peep bird. by giney-kill:thumb115976312::thumb105140809: spring feel by iustyn Flowers For Love by MzKitty45601 Nebula Girl by Strawberry-N-Vanilla projectpositivity Entry by pica-ae White Staircase by zuckerblau Cold skin for iTunes 7 by MrToNeR:thumb101066965: Martini Vector by samtgarner Paperbag Icons by pica-ae mass media by borderone Industrial study I by WiciaQ Pasukan ikan by galuhbanuraga be the one by lans-bejbe:thumb117467968: Pirate ship by asianrabbit My Halloween Costume by LinLinLinzlee L'Etranger by missaupoint asymmetrical architecture 2 by alexander-lehmann:thumb111220238: all i hear is noise by bananowy-song Outer Reef - TCI by blindfive p i s i k II by iustyn Under the Red by justeline Yellow by MadRed Over The Bridge by MiniCupcake Cherry Blossoms by tleach0608:thumb117471061: Miss Squirrel by Little-Dreamer Reflections by zuckerblau Stealing Beauty by iustyn:thumb98867103: Vous Ne Feriez Jamais Cela by aharmon Run Rabbit...Run by Ressurrection A Tree in a Field by mutos:thumb44051706::thumb118024807: apus IV by iustyn:thumb63968167: ::Face Face Face:: by Gusana:thumb52342573: blowball by Zimtgruen shabooyah by lil-crizzy:thumb118321871: endings without stories by bamkorn:thumb118335350::thumb118246533: Snuggles by Ewig reflection by Summer-Sunny Recycled Journal CSS by pica-ae Bearded Dragon Hunter by jayvoh:thumb116448880: In The Wood III by MarcoHeisler Skogafoss by Aphantopus r e f l e c t i o n _IV by iustyn:thumb118472661: China bridge by Crank0 spring feel by iustyn:thumb118246533::thumb118899102: s p i r a l by iustyn dA Family by elicoronel16:thumb119085393: Coada Randunicii by iustyn:thumb119815995::thumb119004946::thumb120401713::thumb85514119: Quaker 020509 by inckurei Bruxelles Metro by grinpiss Taking off by tripping-daisy:thumb121277537: Praying for Light by Tifa22:thumb121093843: Pink by SisterSinister Attraction by RaYaN-Q Herz aus Holz by skapunzel Stretched Out by Mr-Jaunty Cloud Launching Pad by MatthiasHaltenhof autumn stream by Dave-Derbis Life by mushir Endless Seats by zuckerblau:thumb117885025: crime scene by brandybuck brabuleta by orangehamster:thumb116511817: Dragonfly by shuttermonkey sneak a peek by farbanomalie:thumb108484221::thumb116511817::thumb108203842: 17 .... by serkes Bruxelles Metro by grinpiss Kenya XV by serhatdemiroglu asymmetrical architecture 2 by alexander-lehmann:thumb117471061::thumb116341390::thumb98867103::thumb115891609: Premade stock 16 by CindysArt-Stock MASSIVE GLOMP by aspirin111:thumb119795747: OMG GODZILLA by X-wing9 Bad day... by mushir Colourful beach .149 by emperpep Brothers by synconi Polisphere by MathieuOdin My Moscow. 5 by Shekochu Pasukan ikan by galuhbanuraga ueberstrahltes.essenundtrinken by Phartiphukborlz Artgerecht by fERs:thumb74290133: Orange by Altingfest PRE 5 by mlaureweiss talk with the bumble-bees. by Erdbeerstern Self_photomontage1 by bellakosa you are my sunshine... by saiyakev9 goodbye, my sweet recollection by dev1n do you need me? by seya88 Fresh by dev1n My secret garden by warnaiman Skateboarding tard by metal-marty skatepark project by Emoticlown-ist:thumb124097030: Bottom Feeder by SkyIllusion:thumb110985213: Naenia by Sandy515 Pharaoh Atem 5'4' Plush Doll by SetsunaKou :lovehug: by irient Days Of Old by kylewright:thumb82747378::thumb114654257: marine environment 5 by alexander-lehmann Electric Sun by MarcoHeislerBig Emoticon tutorial by Krissi001:thumb98867103:smoke by d0nr0nOcean Soul by flurryflurry:thumb119727963:red leaves. by simoendli:thumb111586783::thumb124346137:rising upwards by cei-:thumb123786827:Big Blue Eyes by zuckerblau:thumb31102880:Golden Tard by TheRocksterTokyo87 by snowmask:thumb117063071:At dusk by NIL666:thumb124778998:152 .... by serkesUnder lock and key by Fading-SunlightRemember That Trip? by Doubtful-DellaThe 3R's by arthurking83soul of an egg II by torobalaManu II by elisadelatorre:thumb112880215:Zombie Television by TheRocksterUnnamed Life by little-billieEulogy by Dullfacestairs 2 by borderone:shadows: by ROBlNHOOD:thumb124234624:The 179 faces of Kirby by Buci01:thumb125371739:Back 2 Work by inckureidamaged by Shananigans917:thumb101807103:Inside Out by bagladyultranational by SimonSawSunlightSullen by dandelgrossoSunshine Splashes by DrewHopperTechno 3 by RunaqueMade Of Wood by ThvgAids is real by Lost-Emotion:wtfomgdowant: by CmotesBee Eaters in Love by ClaudeG:thumb124996633:End of the day by chgphotoRoundWorld by geckokidEye Love You by shebid:thumb125871598:Reflections by zuckerblauPersonal freedom by KiaraBlackPhotograph061202 - SuperSmashBros Dump by Quas-quasreflection 2 by Summer-SunnyKernow a'gas dynnergh I by KittiesGoShoot:thumb88373366::thumb125574902::thumb123790078:memories by seya88Muffin by yylee07miss by zweckaesthetisiertStreet glamour 3 by CreotivLife Makes Sense by godisloveNo way by devoid90Nephew smilin' by SamuraiSunshineupside down by VastandInfinite

How can I suggest a Picture for a Daily Deviation?

• You can use the Firefox Add-on "SuggestDD v0.5a" by Solitude12 > solitude12.deviantart.com/art/…
• Read this Tutorial for suggesting a DD by Thiefoworld > thiefoworld.deviantart.com/art…

Suggest a DD stamp by Thiefoworld:thumb105285462:I suggest DDs. Do you? by archaemic

Have a nice day! :dummy:
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numbpurplehaze's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature and suggestion :aww: I'm honoured! :heart:
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Flynn-the-cat's avatar
You've been busy :D

Oooh, some lovely ones
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thank you for featuring me!
PatrickRuegheimer's avatar
No Problems, you're welcome. (:
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Thanks for adding my work into this
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holy crap. that is a lot
PatrickRuegheimer's avatar
still growing. :faint:

thanks. ^^
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haha wow...

ur welcome :D
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Wow, thank you so much for the feature and the suggestion.
I feel honored.

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Excellent choices Patrick, thank you so much for including me too and thank you even more for suggesting it for a DD! :hug:
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Suggest some of mine too :D
biroo87's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature mate!
I really appreciate all the support that you've given me! :)
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