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Most recently a guy named 'Lustysex' ( started following my work and as per usual I'll check out his profile to see what he is interested in - as if this was a secret with this kind of username CURSE YOU! On his account are exclusively stolen work witch he is neither the model nor the photographer / artist. He upload not only the work from one of my muses, but also work from other famous artists. It is a shame that deviantArt is a still a place where this kind of art thief's have a right to stay.

So please go to his profile comment what you think about his behavior and if you are following him please undo this. We don't spent our days creating unique and amazing art for you so people like him can steal it!

Thank you for giving me the hint :-*
2016 is almost over - only 4 1/2 hours to go while I'm writing this. So still some time left to thank everybody who follows my work, favorites my deviations and reads my comments!
DeviantArt is still my most loved network and I cant wait to start the new year with new projects and share it with all of you. But who are you? At the beginning of the year I had around 250 people following my work. Today - 365 days later - I managed to double that number! And even though most of you just put my images in a random gallery and never look at them again I smile every time that star icons appears in my notifications. :)

So there is not much more left then wishing you all a good start in 2017 and I'll hope my journey on dA will be even more successful then in 2016. :D

And here are some of my most favorite photos from this year:

Mature Content

Playful Attitude by PatrickRichter

Mature Content

Dark Matter by PatrickRichter

Mature Content

She knows whats best IV by PatrickRichter

Mature Content

Hakuna Matata by PatrickRichter

Mature Content

Provocative Passion by PatrickRichter
Kyla Ren by PatrickRichter Mermaid on the Run by PatrickRichter Red Riding Hood by PatrickRichter

Mature Content

Step Up by PatrickRichter
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Yep - now I'm on this mysterious Patreon page, too. ;)

For all those among you who don't know this page yet here is a short explanation:
Patreon is a special crowd-funding-platform for creative people. If you want to support an artists you like you can spent him or her any amount of money on a monthly basis. This money is used by the artist to create new pieces of art and you also get rewards like prints or exclusive content!
So the thought for me behind joining the page is the hope that I could fund at least some of my expensive shooting ideas and not milk my piggybank 24/7. That means if you like my photography please feel free to spent some money to give me more freedom to create new images for you guys! Every dollar makes a difference! :)

Here is my Patreon page:
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Since I don't have the time to train myself in so many different art genres I decided to fully focus on Portrait-Photography now. I'll stop uploading and creating composing and 3d-stuff. I'd rather try to master one kind of creative work then to be mediocre in many. That is also the reason why I deleted all content which did not match my focus.

But there is more to change. I'm currently moving out of my one-horse town to Mannheim. It is only a small move from approximately 10km distance but never the less I've now the opportunity to save a few minutes driving time every day and also can build a small living-room studio in my new apartment which allows me to create more photographs with less effort in finding a place to shoot :)
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My dear watcher - just go ahead and put an avatar in! It looks boring seeing all this default images when browsing through profiles ;)
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One year has past some things changed some thing haven't. The biggest update might be the fact that I finished my communication design study in February and got two very cool job offers afterwards. I took the opportunity and started working as an Art Director at one of the bigger advertising agencies in south Germany. My units is specialized in websites, online experiences, applications and other interactive projects. The downside of the job is obviously the lack of spare time for my own projects and keeping in touch with deviants around the world. I still managed to do photo shootings quite recently but the time for publishing and promoting them around the web is pretty low at the moment which is why I cant manage my dA groups, too.
I hope I'll figure out a way to get some more time to spent on this great site here (I probably extend my day to 25 hours ...) but nonetheless I thank all the people that keep watching me and faving my work :)

Stay tuned for more soon and enjoy some of my recent work ;)

Sin City Tribute II by PatrickRichter The golden Goddess by PatrickRichter <da:thumb id="523569528"/> 

Mature Content

Out of Blur by PatrickRichter
<da:thumb id="464932487"/>

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It feels like ages ago that I wrote a journal entry here on dA but now I've finally managed to hit the button again. It happend a lot of stuff in the past half year so I try to summarize the year 2014 until today.
The year started with an internship. As I'm studying Communiactions-Design it's the obligation of every student to spent one semester working in a job which can be conected to the subjects of my study. So after I managed to create a Showreel and a promotion website for myself I got an offer from an aweseome advertising agency in Mannheim. I grabed that oppertunity and worked in the past months as a normal employee and took part in dozens of projects for customers all over Germany and even Austria (not Australia ;)).
Last friday was my last day which means I'm back to studing in September and also start working on my bachelor thesis!

So that internship was the reason I havn't spent much here on dA and I neither had time to create as much private projects as before. I think that is quite understandable that if you work on creative projects 40 hours a week that there is no much space left for private composings or photography. But I stil managed to compose at least one complete Artwork (Steam up North) and I did several photoshootings.
While my focus in my "job" is to create websites, advertising stuff, print-products and design stuff like that I'll focus my private dA-profil more and more on composings and photography. Thats why I deleted around ten deviations which are not longer needed. SO if you like to see more "design" content please feel free to follow me on Behance ( or just like my Facebook (

And what are my plans for future? Besides my bachelor thesis I'll work on some photography to tribute Sin City and the great comic style of Frank Miller and I've some cheeky ideas for new composings! Futhermore I improve my own website ( from day to day. I allready made it full responsive and created a new contact page!

So hang on to my dA-Profil and I'm looking forward to share more artworks with you!
Oh and by the way: Thank you for more then 100 watchers! :)
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I'm not upload all my work here on deviantart so here is a piece that I started working for in august of 2013 and just finished a few weeks ago.

It's a short 3D motion picture and tributed to the awesome world of TRON and especially to lightbikes. It took me around 80h to create all the scene in Cinema4D (render time not included) and also some hours for post-production and cutting in After Effects and Premiere.
So check out the video and some making-of-screens on Behance!

TRON: Tribute @ behance
Hey folks
Here we go with my very first showcase! I used some of my work from the past three years. Enjoy :)

Showcase @ Vimeo
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Since I reached the number of 100 deviations I decided to clean up my gallery a bit and deleted some stuff I didn't like any longer or which just don't fit into my dA Account any longer. At the end I removed 16 pieces of work. You wont miss them all of them were more then 2 years old ...
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Maybe it's a bit late to say the new year is starting fine? Anyway the first four months were pretty nice and I did a lot of work for my study aswell as private projects and some customer work which are mostly uploaded here on dA. But as you might have noticed I havnt done much photoshop composing stuff and in the near future it wont change.
At the moment I'm focusing on improving my Cinema4D skills and my photographic portfolio. I coverted one of our basement rooms into a small photo-studio and bought some more equipment, like flash and backgrounds and so on ...

Nevertheless I'm working on a really big projects were all my new and old skills are combined. I try to compose my own photographies with a 3D world I am currently building up. So basicly it's a composing without any resources from other artists ... :P
Also I've a couple of basic photoshots in planning with Blaclight, Liquids and sweets.

So lots of work to deal with in the next couple of mounths.
If you want to stay in better touch here is my facebook page.

And as finaly question I'd like to ask if you know any good photographic groups here on dA especially for people-photography! :)
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Me and my mate :iconthomasweihs: just created a new group for german Digital Artists. So to all my watchers: if you match in that type of deviant pls join! :)
Here is the link to #CreativeGermany
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I joined today. Thats basically all the news ... I'm goint to upload some of my work there in the next few days  and try to get into the community there. So if any of you is activ there please support me right here:
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So there is some stuff I'm going to do in the next couple of weeks and some I allready did.
Lets start with my new website, which is online since one week, you can still find it at the old domain right here: I used some cool jQuerry stuff and builded my own image slider for the top. Hope you like it!

Next thing is I'm going on my annual vacation. This year to Bulgaria for 10 days! My flight goes tomorow and I'll be back 10th August. And when I'm back there is a new huge chapter waiting for me. I just got a 18-months-student-licens for Cinema4D so I will start doing some nasty 3D stuff for you :D

over and out.
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You may have noticed that I'm not posting much in the past few weeks. The reason for that is a bit irritating, cause I have to do a lot of for my Design-Study. The problem is that the work I'm doing there isn't really suitable with the stuff I post here on devArt regulary. But stay tuned when June is over I've more free time and allready made some plans and concepts für new composings and other stuff for you! And I'm going to release some of my Study Projects aswell in the next days! ;)
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I joined 500px today. Is anyone of you there aswell? Please sent me a link to your profil so I can follow you and your photos.
PatrickRichter - 500px

For everbody who dont knows what 500px is I just can say watch it up. Seems to be a great community for photography!
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- "To share knowledge is the best way to improve yourself."

In my last poll I asked you if you want to look into my psd's and the majority of you voted with "Yes". So here we go ...
At the beginning you'll be able to download three of my .psd's including "Forgotten Place", "The Ray" and "Keep your eyes on Africa". I hope you enjoy this offer and it may help you to improve your skills and techniques! Oh, and the german speaking people among yourselves might have some advantages, because I named the layers in german ...

But before you hit the download buttons read the following very carefully!


All .psd's are scaled-down to 1000 px wide and 72 DPI! You are not allowed to work with the downloaded files! You are not allowed to reupload them! You are not allowed to share them! Basicly the only thing you are allowed to do is: Download, analyse and keep them on your PC!


So here we go with the funny part!

Download - Keep your eyes on Africa .psd

Download - The Ray .psd

Download - Forgotten Place .psd


I think there is even more to come. So please get in touch with me if you want to thank me for this offer, if you have any suggestions or if you want me to upload a specific .psd.
You can contact me here on deviantArt or on my portfolio


Now all files are hostet on my private webspace, this should help to provide errors!
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Currently I got some busy weeks to manage. Semester is going to turn over and I'm working hard on my final projects, which hopefully will be good :o
Anyway I'll have a lot of spare time at the end of January so I'm going to by a new cam at this date. Probably the Canon EOS 550D. Also some new composings and client work flys around my head so let's see what the nest weeks will bring ...
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Wow, I just browsed thru may daily dA Groups and then I realized I had another Icon (*) in Front of my Name! An Anonymous Deviant payed me a 4 Week Premium Membership, which I actually wanted to by my own in the nearer future. But anyways ... I wanted to say THANK YOU to my benefactor! THANK YOU for the support!

Oh and if you like my work too you dont need to spent money, just Like me on Facebook if u want ...…
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Today my new Facebook Page went online. First of alle its a huge success for myself and my work, but you can benefit from it aswell, cause you'll get a lot of information about my projects, my workflow and my opinions! Further there is a lottery going on for the first 100 likes were you can win some prices and prints! In the first time I will post all feeds in german but if the number of international likes increases I'll go on posting in english ...
So if you like what I do, pls do me the favor and like this page:…

The next point is that the new facebook page goes hand in hand with a new simpler and cleaner website layout. I pretty much like it, because there are no useless images and pages anymore. Just me and my work!
Give it a look right here:

And the last point is about further work. I'm searching for collab partners, cause I like the thought of working together. I did a small collab in the past with a good friend of mine which you can see here:… . So if you are interested in composing and working with me pls leave me a line :)

Thank you for ur attention! ;)
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