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Caesar 01

hi guys. recently did a 3D fan art of caesar of Dawn of the planet of the apes. 
Modelled in Maya and Zbrush.Textured in Photoshop and Marmoset Toolbag for rendering.
I hope you like it !
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WOW. Ridiculously good-looking ;) We hope you'll submit your Caesar art for our #ASCfanart challenge. Check out our Facebook & Instagram pages for more information... Keep up the awesome work!
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I used your image here.:
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Fantastic. Just watched the movie. Great character and leader
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i love the movie i saw it twice.
did this movie make you cry?
I cried when Caesar was shot by Koba.
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i also watched twice. i am not crying but impressed by caesar characteristic 
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I would love to see the pre-zbrush mesh, if possible, please!
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Hi, sure u can... go to my artstation, heres the link…
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Woah, this is incredible :wow:
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is officially my new favorite movie :XD:
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great work! :D
how long it took you to create this single rendering..?
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Hi, thanks man. It took me few months on and off to finish it during my free time :)
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whooaa.. what a  dedication.. no wonder those Hollywood films costs so much to make. 
you got talent man, keep it up! ;) (Wink) 
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awesome work :D (Big Grin) 
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IDK if I want to watch the just looks really dark and depressing :/
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Its not. The movie is not too much or too less, it just fit perfectly. Totally worth watching it!
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Just saw the movie yesterday.
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I'm just coming back from the cinema , this was awesome ! just like this picture ! I Love Caesar he's awesome :3
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i loved this movie!!!!!!!
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wow! he looks very fearsome. great job!
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Stunning Artwork.
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Thank you everyone for all the kind words! cheers~ :D
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