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Tony Cantello, Knife Adept



Character Drawn for Eugene of the Dumpshock Forums.

His name is Tony Cantello - he's an ork physad who specializes in knife throwing and usually wears an urban jumpsuit or camo while on assignment. He's got old Mafia connections and belongs to a Masonic lodge (it'd be great to have a symbol or two as a tatoo on his arm or neck - maybe a beehive or the compass and square). He's currently got a low lifestyle, so the clothing is street (jeans, wife-beater or its 2070 equivalent) when he's just hanging out.

But really his dream is to be a chef and open his own restaurant (called Tony's, natch). He particularly loves the lasagna (came up in a run once as part of a plan to drug some guards) and the cannoli. It might be fun to see him cooking or cutting meat (the knife theme again), maybe some extra knives stuck in the table, and some poor sap's lifeless self just barely visible or maybe slumped in a chair.
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