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Thud, Shadowrun Troll



Thud, drawn for Tsuyoshikensu of the Dumpshock forums.

Thud is a fomori -- a British troll metavariant that's smaller and with fewer dermal deposits. He's got tannish skin and brown eyes, with black hair that's shortish and shaggy. His horns are ivory and curled like a ram's. Thud's pretty muscular and VERY solid-looking -- not fat, but sturdy. Broad shoulders and all.

There are two things that make him pretty recognizable -- his gear and his face. His face is that of a young puppy lost in the world, with sad eyes and a mouth that wants to pull down. He looks very out of his depth a lot, possibly vaguely worried. He wears a white undershirt and jeans under an armored brown trenchcoat, and carries, of all things, a squirt gun. (The Ares Super-Squirt, if it matters.) He's got a helmet, like a bicycle helmet with a tinted visor, hanging by the straps from his other hand.

Probably, he'd be seen in a bowling alley with his parents. His mom is a very "English mum" -- think Molly Weasley from the Harry Potter movies; his dad's more along the lines of Pete Postlethwaite. His mum's very affectionate and his dad's very "that's my lad." Both are wearing stereotypical suburban clothing of the time. The whole thing would be very Rockwell if the son wasn't a hulking giant of muscle and armor and if this wasn't 2071.
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Good to see a family embracing their Metahuman Children. :D