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The Marksman



Character drawn up for Dumori, of Dumpshock forums.

Dust is an odd looking elf. His two main eyes are pure blue on blue with black pupils but his third eye is golden with a sliver pupil. Although his skin is pale and his hair blond his body seems oddly adapted to survive in the desert he never seems to sweat and he has second eye lids to protect him from the sand. He also seems to be able to eat pretty much anything and survive on less than 1500 calories a day. Both of his guns are modified, his huge sniper rifle is surprisingly light and looks like it was almost built from scratch and looks like nothing you've seen in a gun mag before. His Ares Viper Silvergun is a different matter although its slightly bigger than normal and quieter the gun is still easily recognizable (electronic firing and heavy barrel)

How I want the pic I would like Dust or the "Marksman" lying prone on a sand dune aiming down his rifle (4" long sleak looking modded Barret 121 with two clips in two ports no scope electronic firing) His third eye looking down the gun (pupil like a cats) off to a side or just not over his face I want the marksman poker hand three 2s and two Aces the 2s on top with the aces bellow I can send you a photo of what I mean if needed. With the Marksman written over the cards in a blocky font (think old Western posters) I want the feel of the image to be like the movies/TV shows where the team is shown in still or short clips in the intro. If you can give him a freshly shot target or just a smoking barrel.
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ares viper sliverguns are in the pistol category not sniper