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Screamer, Dwarf Technomancer



Screamer, drawn for Dumori of the dumpshock forums.


Hes a dwarf (Lightly built for a dwarf) he sports a head of waist length fiber optic hair but his face is shaved. He wears a chameleon coated set of racing bike gear (normally jet black but he often covers it in odd pattens and/or flames he dose that same for his bike) his helmet is on the floor near his feet on his for head looking like a odd head band are a pair of mirrored goggles streamlined and tear drop shaped (think Riddick). His motorbike is a slake modded racing bike (if you've read snow crash think of the bike in that book) this bike gave him his new name after he went in to hiding from the mob this is because the bike has two large vents/grills on each side that when opened cause the air flowing though them to make a sound like a stooker dive bomber. This bike is driven while lieing down as other wise Screamer wouldn't be able to drive it. Screamers armor is often making pattens to match those on his bike and when driving it the looks like a part of it. The bike has a gyro-stableiser so he doesn't need a kick stand.

On Screamers right arm is a quick relase slide carrying his ares silver gun. Around his neck he has a pair of wrone silver dog tags nothing readable on them a a chaos start pendent. On the left of his chest is a small light wight comlink in a holster and on his left neck is a datajack nect to a datalock.

He is a bit taller than his human sized bike and to get on he uses the exhaust duct and the old foot plate as steps.

I want screamer off his bike but other than that have fun drawing him.
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So, when he's got the flames going on, does that make him a Flaming Technomancer?