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Ryan O'Reily, Mystic Adept



Drawn up for i101 of the Dumpshock Forums:

Hoi, I am making a request for my character. At the moment I am playing a Mystic Adept who follows Dog as his Mentor Spirit. My Chars Name is Ryan O'Reily, he has Black Hair and Green Eyes, his Skin has a light tan. Ryan is 1,80cm tall and weights about 175pounds. He has a friendly face but his eyes seem to look harsh from time to time.
Ryans appearance: Ryan has a short haircut (shaves his head every 10 days~) and he has moste of the time a three-day stubble. His build is more wirily. Above his right eye he has a sleaziness scar. On Jewelery he wears a nosering and three leather necklaces with small bones and stones (which in fact are fetishes). The celtic knot leather bracelet arround his right arm is a counterspelling foci. What catchs attention is that his right hand is an obvious cyberlimb.
Ryan usally wears on the street a red pullover with a v-neck and blue jeans, and of course leather boots. Under his black kevlar trenchcoat he wears an Ares Crusader and obviously a Rapier. Furthermore Ryan wears a Cougar Fineblade Knife across the right thigh. The commlink is a wrist model that he wears above his left hand.

I think that I havent forgot anything ... And I hope I havent feed you with too much info on the Char.
It would be nice if you find the time to draw Ryan!
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