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Rose: The Cyber Riveter



Drawn for Dumpshock member Kyoto Kid.

Rosie's a big gal who was originally into the construction trades. A site accident (during which she saved the lives of several fellow workers) caused her to lose both her arms at the shoulders.

[ Spoiler ]
A valued and dedicated worker the firm she worked for arranged to replace her severed limbs with the new modular cyberarms that could accept a host of different tool attachments. While well liked by the company's owner for her "get it done right" attitude and loyalty she did not win the favour of his daughter who was in line to take over the company when he retired. Well retirement came sooner than expected as an on site accident took his life, in a section that Rosie was responsible for. After an investigation, it was discovered that several fastenings were not appropriately installed which contributed to the section's collapse. Rosie was fired for negligence and blackballed in the trade. Seven months afterwards the firm was sold to a competitor.

Her only occupation now denied to her Rosie had nothing to look forward to. At least they didn't take her implants and tools. She made her way to the underground, doing odd fix up jobs to get by. She knew very well there was nothing wrong with those supports as she always triple checked everything. But who would believe a lowly worker of her race over an attractive and upwardly mobile executive who was the daughter of a respected figure in the trades. The other thing tat bothered her was the sale of the company shortly after the owner's death to it's fiercest competitor. Though not a rocket scientist Rosie still was smart enough to figure there was something more behind this all and it became clear when she was watching a sportsstream one evening. There was "little princess" in the VIP section at a race in Monaco looking all Euro chic and obviously over mourning for dear old dad. One thing, Rosie never forgot a face.

Meanwhile, the company that bought her firm (and basically gutted it) easily won a very important civic contract which would have been hard fought over had the "old man" still been around. No something smelled really bad, and it wasn't just the the trash on the streets.

Remember Hannah? Well think of the same basic personality but as an orc. She's big but not all that unattractive (as orcs go).

Hair worn short in buzz cut.

Obvious Cyber: Full modular arms. Industrial looking chrome with the phrase "We Can Do It" engraved on the right upper arm.
Attachments: Milwaukee Tools® Nail Pistol, Ingersoll-Rand® Jack Hammer, Prima® Welding Laser. (choose one for the right arm standard Cyberhand on the other).
Dermal Sheath (brushed steel finish).
Also has second Cyberhand attachment for social occasions she wears like an extra glove on her belt.

Internals Air Tank (with hose if Jackhammer is used)

Bio (internal)
Muscle Toner
Cerebral Booster
Synaptic Booster

Guns: My faves of course, dual Ruger Warhawks

Clothing: Victory Armoured Coveralls, flannel shirt (sleeves rolled up), work jacket (unarmoured), Hard Hat, and Wolverine work boots.
Accessories: Tool Belt Safety glasses (With SL, Flare Comp, and Image Link)
Vehicle: Ares Humvee (similar model to Rover 2068 in Arsenal).

Personality, Rosie's tough but still fairly easy going "off the clock" (unless you tick her off). Honest, hard working, loves going out with the guys for a few beers after work, and watching sports on the trivid - your typical construction worker. Hates cheats and dishonest people (e.g. most corp execs). Would love nothing more than to put people like the "little princess" (spoiler) in their place.
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lol great work Squink!