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It's been so long, I've almost forgotten how to use this stuff :)

But here is:

Jason Red Cloud "Glyph Diver" Drawn for Kairo of Dumpshock

Concept: Arcane Treasure Hunter
Name: Jason Red Cloud "Glyph Diver"
Heritage: Sioux and Hawaiian.
Hair: Brown, cropped short
Eyes: Brown
Physical Features: Toned build. Strong jawline. No tattoos although he has tribal designs on most of his clothing.
Notes: He's got the trademark Indiana Jones hat, but he's replaced the whip with a band of throwing knifes and an Ares Predator. He usually wears his smartlinked sunglasses at the excavation sites he frequents in Greece and Egypt. He's a mystic adept who uses detection spells to try and find magical artifacts. He has a cross necklace that is really a power focus.
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He's Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! great stuff as always guy I don't think you forgot a thing