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Obsidian: Technomancer



Damn, I had fun with this one :)

Got to try a lot of new things, and I hope its liked by others as much as I like it :)

The Character Obsidian, drawn up for GreyBrother of Dumpshock Forums.

His online handle is Obsidian, he is a small skinny Norm with violet cybereyes and black shaggy hair. On his left temple is a Dualjack (a Datajack with two ports) and he's got a obvious right Cyberarm.
He almost always wears a purple hoodie and sports some kind of Jeans. Altogether he has a quite childlike appearance, hence his 23 years. Most of the time he drags a bright blue sportsbag with him, where he keeps some of his goodies.

His living Persona on the other Hand is a quite healthy version of himself, clad in obsidian-black Armor (Reference: Clone-Trooper Armor), shrouded by a white linen cowl. sporting a pair of Tyrael-like "Wings"

I'd like to see him "threading" something, which looks like he's tapping data around him into a bundle. Preferably his meat-body and matrix-body in unison.
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Came back after some years and it still warms my heart every time i see this image in my "characters" folder. You did a good job on capturing him :)