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Money, Shadowrunner



Drawn for Canray [link]

It's my rendition of a character from his stories, "Money".

Character Number One: (As seen in the story "Shadowrun: On The Hunt")
Jonathan Jonah Johnson, AKA: "Money": He's a slightly pale male human being of mostly Irish and Scottish decent, average height, slight athletic build. Slightly sunken in cheeks. Dark brown (Almost black) hair, almost militarily short. Solid gold Cybereyes with glowing blue irises, but are almost always hidden behind mirrorshades (He's a traditionalist Cyberpunk).

Very hard to spot scars running along various parts of the face (Along whole body, really) from plastic surgury. The same operation gave him absolutely perfect teeth. A gold rimmed Datajack is installed in his right temple. The rest of his cybernetics are internal.

I'll let you chose the outfit, he dresses for the occasion. Or to completely break the occasion. Depends on his somewhat broken mood. If it matters, his usual sidearm is either a modified, smartlinked Browning Ultrapower with a screw-on Flash Suppressor on the muzzle, or a Colt Cobra SMG.
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Ya know... think I'm getting jealous. Do I have to be a dumpshock junky to get you to do fan art for MY writing or what Squink??

I mean... I know it's been awhile since I produced anything... but you were IN it for hell's sake.. and my stuff never got play like Ray's!!

I'm hurt. *sobs*

On another note though... Money looks cool. All calm and collected like. Though his high waters make me laugh a little. =p