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Jake: Shadowrun Hacker



Jake, Drawn for Coldhand Jake of Dumpshock.

ake's a laid back orc. "Blessed" with pretty human features, his jawline is rather normal for a fat guy, tusks visible when he smiles, but short enough to hide behind his lips, hazel eyes, his ears are the main giveaway. His hair is dark blonde, or light brown, depending on who you ask, long on top, shaved on the sides and back, and left to hang with a slight natural curl to it that reaches his shoulders and chin. He has a van dyke, and shaves the rest for contrast on occasion, but is usually stubbly. He's Caucasian, Alabama born and raised, and moved out to LA, but still looks a bit cornfed. He's 6'1, and 275lbs, recently down from 350, and dresses somewhere between stereotypical couch potato and hippy, wearing alot of sarcastic tee-shirts, hawaiians unbuttoned over those, and jeans or shorts, and sandals when he wears shoes at all. He tends to dress in blues, greys, reds, blacks, and tans. A few gang tattoos still show on his upper arms, and neck, as well as his left temple, highlighting a datajack. He's clearly someone who used to be all fat and muscle, and is now alot less fat, and a little less muscle.

His left arm is cyber from the elbow down, with a datajack in the wrist, and a commlink usually plugged into it and in his hand. The hand itself has an embedded wedding ring, striking gold against the chrome of his finger. There does not appear to be a way to remove it. He does not appear armed, or armored, and in fact, looks more like an off-duty stuffer shack grill jockey than a ex-gang combat decker, and still-running hacker. But new runs and a little dietware are getting this guy back in the game, and it's clear by the knowing grin on his face, he's headed back to the razor's edge.

For him, AR is private, visible on his normal-looking cybereyes, but his vision is usually a swirl of video games, comic books, pr0n (most of which features his fiance, see the SR4 sample Gunslinger Adept) and occasionally, something actually shadow-related. He works behind a bar in a club that caters to the shadow element and the raver set...
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The Dude, he abides. In the 6th world.