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Drawn for Suenert, of the Dumpshock forums.

You see a grinning orc with a broken nose and blonde shoulderlenght hair worn as cornrows. Her facial structure is non-delicate. Her eyes are red, her skin white, nearly translucent and suprisingly free of blemish. Her teeth and fangs are straight and white. She is on the sturdy side and smaller then the average. Her right temple is shaved, reavealing two high quality datajacks. Her left ear is ringed with studs with black onxy and karneaol insets. On her left lower arm there is a tattoo, a bar code with an alphanumeric below it. She wears cargos in dark green, black combat boots, a white tee with "Got Root?" written on it and a scuffy fly jacket. Under the jacket you can climpse a holster holding a HK Universal Service Pistol. Over the shoulder she carries a black messenger bag, made out of ballistic cloth.
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