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Dwarven Face, Shadowrun



A character drawn up for dumpshock member Edge2054.

Character description:
Character is an african american dwarven face. He wears his hair in tight 'corn rows' and keeps his face clean shaven except for four inches or so that comes off his chin. Generally he dresses in slightly oversized sports jerseys when he's going for the comfortable look or a full suit when going for business attire (either is good). Sunglasses, the wrap around neo-biker/cyber-punk kind, either worn or on top of his head would be good. Obvious cyberware consists of only a data jack.

He's a bit of a runt, low body and strength for a dwarf, so if you can draw a skinny/wiry dwarf and keep him dwarven looking that'd be great. Also he's pretty personable, so a smile (maybe a sly smile) on his face would be good. If you want to give him a small scar or something on the face for a bit of character that'd work too (but nothing to large like a giant scar around his eye or anything).

As far as other affects he prefers to travel light, no jewelry, no bling, no commlink (it's in his head). Armor consists of a vest worn underneath his normal clothing so no jacket unless you go for the suit look.

Brown eyes, black hair, brown skin as is typical of his ethnicity.
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wow, one of the few good renditions of SR dwarves I have seen.