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Dr. Peter McCoy, Drawn for ryusukanku

Well I may be late to make a request but there is always my Dr Peter McCoy, the Much needed Medic for our team, Occasional Pirate Trid Journalist, moonlighting Shadowrunner and full-time Dwarven Parkour Master.
On the last mission where they had to steal a cargo container full of caseless ammo... or destroy it, their cover as replacment truckers was blown he had to get to the top of a Dockside crane where the controls were. Needless to say he was under fire but his unique climbing skills made getting to the top without getting seriously injured a lot easier. He only got shot once and that was by the guy waiting for him at the top.

To quote my Game Master CanRay: "You pinballed up there like a Mo'Fo!"

Under normal situations (Such as runnign across rooftops on his way to work at Sam's Surgury and Deli) he dresses in one of Mortimer of London's Greatcoat Line, a Bowler Hat, Hobnail Boots and decent casual slacks and a dress shirt... and carries a classic Doctor's Bag. When on a Run he'll wear Bike Racingarmor under whatever clothing he's wearing at the time, as it affords scrape and bump protection as well as penetration and... he can move in it the way he needs.
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Did that moustache come from Ryu or you Squinky? =p