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Dr. Cordell



Dr. Cordell, Drawn for her creator Scope_47 of the dumpshock forums.

Description: Dr. Jessica Cordell: A 39 year old caucasian (Scots-Irish and British blood if it matters) human woman, 5'3" with a slightly frail build (weighs only about 80lbs). She looks her age, or possibly a little older, and has straight brown hair down to just past the shoulderblades that she usually puts up in a bun with some of the strands and bangs still loose. Her only obvious cyber is a datajack. She is a cripple - paralyzed from the waist down - and has to use one of two wheelchairs (One is a standard Transys Steed that looks pretty much like a normal wheelchair drone, the other is a modified, heavily armored Evo Orderly... which looks kind of like Dr. Xavier's wheelchair from the 90s X-Men cartoon, but with spider-legs instead of hovering. Both are gun-metal colored - draw her in whichever one you like better). As far as 'character', she is an alcoholic and a genius, but a bit of an a-hole as well (think Dr. House from the TV show 'House, M.D.' for her personality/facial expression), and always has a flask of scotch in arm's reach. She also usually has a cane to poke people with and to use to help hold doors open while her wheel-chair goes through. As far as clothing goes, she usually wears a grey suit coat, a blue button-down blouse, a pair of slacks that match the coat, and a pair of square-toed shoes with low heels. (in case you are wondering, she is an ex-cop rigger) If you decide to do a scene rather than just the character (do whatever you like smile.gif ), she is rarely without "Andy" and "Barney" - two LEBD-1 Aerial Law Enforcement drones armed with drum clip modified AK-97s.
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"Great, another fraghead parked in the Handicapped Parking Spot. Andy, Barney, show them the errors of their ways!"

*Full Auto Fury*