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Drawn for Doc Taotsu of Dumpshock forums.

Dr. Jubal Taotsu
Human, Male 28 y/o Japanese American (UCASian?).
Black hair (graying), brown eyes. Obvious author insertion character.

5'6ish, medium-heavy build (could stand to lose a few pounds). Fro-like haircut (shorter on the sides), wide smile (the kind that makes people close their eyes when they do it). Right forearm was badly burned years ago and is pretty scarred but functional.

I imagine him leaning in the doorway of his clinic (Elizabeth Street Medical Clinic),dressed out in his runner gear. He's just covered in blood, non-latex gloved hands interlaced and resting on the butt of his M23. He's still smiling widely. His runner gear consists of black/navy blue coveralls with the sleeves rolled up tightly. The coveralls have cargo pockets (actually all of his pockets) crammed full of medical "stuff" and a shoulder pocket with pens, hemostats, and what not poking out of it. Over this he wears a "Why yes I used to work for the military" flak jacket with one of those highspeed 6 magazine chest harnesses. Three point slung to his body hangs a beat-up stock M23. He has two shoulder holsters, one reveals the substantial and familiar butt of an Ares Predator II the other contains a well worn narcoject pistol. Pushed up on his forehead is a clunky pair of vision enhancement goggles. A duct tape covered optical cable runs from the goggles to the datajack at the base of his skull. He's wearing flip flops and the cuffs of his coveralls are rolled up to keep the blood off his bare feet. A pair of gore covered steel-toed boots sit on the steps below him. Next those is his medical bag/backpack, a squat streamlined affair, specifically designed to keep things from falling out or getting dirty. A faded stylized caduceus is stenciled in red on the front.
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Fantastic man!