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Akira, Elven Street Sam



Drawn for Dumpshock forum member, Shadowrunner13.

Character Description:
Akira is 6'2", 220lbs with a solid muscle frame, not too beefy. Black hair (hair style doesn't matter, since it changes frequently... just no mullet). Keep in mind that he is a Japanese Elf so those features need to be present.

Several key items I would like to see in the picture would be:

1. I'd like his snap blade to be extended in one hand and a LARGE menacing gun in the other. The attached link is for a gun manufacturer that made a 100 round 9mm gun. Looks nasty and holds lots of rounds. [link] more nasty guns link courtesy of Blade 2 [link] I like the M4 carbine with the twin under mounted magazines.

2. If possible I would like Akira to be dressed in a Long black trench coat with guns underneath. Something along the line of the Matrix. If not, how about showing him after a battle? His clothes have bullet holes and there is smoke coming out of the barrel of his guns.

3. Again if possible, have some of his cybernetics showing or at least hints of it. I know you will not be able to see his cyber torso unless his shirt is open but maybe his eye's colour would be a glowing red (should you opt for colour)

The only cyber parts that could be visible would be the eyes, torso and the ears I guess. Everything else is internal.
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My player that had me contact you for this sketch carries this picture with his character at all times. He's still very happy with your handiwork. Akira has grown a lot over the years, but the image still defines his presence quite nicely. :)