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InspiratSE Update

First of all thank you StefanKa very much for giving permition to make this for vista. I know there is a version from psycoB but that one is not Aero compatible.

with about 670 favourites one of the most popular Visual Styles for XP......Now you can get this experience on Windows Vista. And AERO will make this experience even better for you ;)

fixed a problem on the taskbar // Alpha PNG Correction on some Images

If you like this, maybe it is worth a :+fav:
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kann es nicht runterladen ? :(
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Very nice ! Thanks a lot
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nicest one I've come across yet.
it doesnt work :S
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I think using the original bitmaps from the compact shellstyle for the toolbar background could had made the theme look better. Also, the corners look a bit messed-up in the screenshot

Going to see what I can do about the former should I keep this one - somehow I just cannot find a Vista theme that suits me best yet, and I'm too lazy to finish my own's.
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Hmmm... after applying it, I suggest that you do something about the STREAM too; the reflection (which I guess is a leftover from the original Aero.msstyles) is annoying.
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this looks good
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is there a taskbar? very nice other wise.
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its not working on my vista extreme edition, all others work fine, but this one just changes back to classic windows theme, and when i switch back Vista OSX all is good and aero works perfect, am i doing something wrong?
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real nice color!
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Nice Update my friend :horns:
but how about changing the Start Menu Width Size?
by removing this extra space here (Preview)
it's really a comfortable theme.
but where is the ieframe.dll ?
the style of button is good!
Great job dude, this themes is awesome, just one thing, the browseui.dll file is not compatible with Vista 64 correct? Is there any way you could make it work for 64, i can't really resize my explorer windows without it !

Otherwise big up man kick ass skin
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great job! n its always been one of my favs..uve def added onto the effect with all the transparency n such =)
patrickgs, the theme just need smooth corners (windows aero mode) to be perfect. i love it but that blocky window corners are killing me...
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i do really like the theme.
but could you plz change the default font to tahoma?
cuz the default font seems a little odd in chinese edition.
and i dunno why that i cannot change it by myself...
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It's definately worth a :+fav:

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thank you very much!
Michel8170's avatar
Gern geschehen :)
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Woah, just found this! Don't know why I didn't see this before, simply amazing! Fav'ed!
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...Damn, I just spotted something else. Why can't I resize the window from the bottom? Sure, I can easily work around that by resizing windows from the top, but this is still another slight issue that's a little annoying. I still like the theme, as Aero looks good on a style that isn't totally glassy, but this skin still needs just a little bit of polishing up to make it perfect.
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