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Xmas Magazine 09

By PatrickBrown
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This is actually something I did at work for once haha!
I work at newspaper company as a graphic designer, my editor and crew wanted me to design this years Christmas Magazine Cover.. I really enjoyed doing this one!

You're probably wondering why Santa is at the beach, well here in Aussie we have a Summer Christmas ;) Haha I was really tempted to add some prison tatts on his beefcake arms and a beer instead of a milkshake haha! Somehow I don't think it would get approved for print though ;)

Anyways enjoy!

PS In the final version Santa actually has a big beard, but I rather this shorter one for DA, just trying to give Santa a different look to the usual ;)
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Hello! Your work has been featured here: [link]
Feliz Navidad!
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great job! works for 1 day a year, eats all the cookies he wants, then chills out on a beach sippin milkshakes for the next 364 days,
Lucky dude
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I imagine a Santa like that in my country (Brazil)...
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How he celebrate Christmas in Australia when it is high summer? ;)
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oh lordy. lol
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good Work :) i like that and i'm sure that its a tracing it's definitely a creativity man !!
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I dont Santa has ever looked cooler (:
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Wow! It's our Santa! We live in Argentina, and chirstmas are allways so hot. It's summer here. Thank you very much!!!
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LOL OMG! I love this! And look! We had the same idea... well kinda XD [link]
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I always imagined Santa in that exact outfit ever since I learned that in Australia they celebrate Christmas in the summer. That was like, in 3rd grade though.
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nice Christmas hehe
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Dude this is awesome! It looks as though Paul Sr. from OCC is actually Santa! Great work!
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Yours Truly, ULtiMatE
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Wow thanx mate, I really appreciate that ;)

I'll keep it in mind and get back to you..

Thanx again
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Your talent is EXTRAORDINARY!

I invite you to at least take a look at the forum. Maybe you'll be interested, and possibly we can be your new forum home. We can teach you many things and our material should interest you!

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That's how Santa appears in my country...Brazil. Very tropical Santa! Awsome
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yea aussie santa ftw mate
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Hey, It looks good. After a whole night of delivering gifts. it would make sense to head down to a nice hot beach for some R&R.

This pic aside, I could use a trip there myself. :) It can get quite cold here.
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i think this is a perfect way to present ole Chris Cringle, the tats would have been too much, I think this is a nice downtime version of the big guy=]
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Your Santa lo0ks like my grand dad. Lol, but yours seem much happier... You make Santa seem so much more believable. Suddenly my childho0d fantasies don't seem so far fetched...
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