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Marvel had me do a Venom piece that is suited more toward the adult audience. I love doing this kind of stuff, no limits, I was going for something straight out of a horror film, a bit more realistic and scary. By the way, this is not linked to the new Venom movie, I did it about a year ago.

Make sure to head over to my Instagram to see more options of this and the Venom logo I did too:…
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really cool venom.

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You have the best artwork!
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this is very great artwork,and i feel happy when looking at this artwork,and iam very sure that this work will bring you a return and profit in the future ,but if you want to achieve a greater and faster income from the internet and achieve quick profits , pm to find out more <3 <3

Love it, nice work

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Every time I see Venom, Carnage or anyone with the symbiote, I always ask myself "Does the symbiote change the host's body in order to open that jaw so wide?"
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"It's Brock, sir. Edward Brock Jr. I come before you today, humbled and humiliated... to ask you for one thing: I want you to kill Peter Parker..."
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♐️If the movie did anything right about Venom, it’s that it showed his religious side. In the original comics, Eddie Brock was Catholic, and he hasn’t been religious in any other incarnation. 

However, a real Catholic would not make that kinda prayer.
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I know, but it was a quote from Spider-Man 3...
I love the proportions and the indentations here.
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yesssss this is sexy beast!!! 😈
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Killer Badass As Hell!!!
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Flawless artwork.

Love It!

Clap Clap Clap 
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Not to mention the tounge 
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vemon leaves his mouth 
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now THAT is cool
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Amazing job -- love the dynamic tongue with the saliva spraying around -- gives a real visceral feel to the image!
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