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Vampire Prostitute



Haha this idea came from my boss, he see's me drawing all the time and has begged me to draw a "Vampire Prostitute" haha.. I thought about it and it actually seemed like a good idea, I mean if you were a hot vampire the easiest way to get a meal would have to be prostitution haha!!! You know, it's night shift, secluded areas..

Plus I really need to put some more females in my gallery.. This was interesting and a bit new to me, I couldn't help but think of how cool this would fit the Sin City style of RED/BLACK only.. So I thought I'd give the theme a go ;)

I'll be honest, I'm not too happy with the proportions on this.. The head still doesn't seem right, I dunno!

Anyways enjoy!

- The buildings are actually a stock image I found, I just Photoshoped them to fit the scene..
- And the pose was inspired by this photographers image [link]
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