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Uncharted 4

And here's one to start the new year, staring Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4. I created this based mainly off of the 15-minute gameplay trailer, it helped a lot in terms of knowing what was in the game and how Drake actually looks.

My New Years resolution is to spend more time on details, so I'm trying to add a lot more to my characters overall look, I've seen a lot of extremely talented people here on DA and noticed the best images all focus on great detail, so I'm very inspired to aim for that level.

I cannot wait for this game, Uncharted is one of my most favorite games series yet, so I really wanted to do something special for it.

I hope you enjoy it, don't forget if you want to learn my drawing techniques, you can enroll in my classes on Skillshare:
Penciling class:
Digital art class:

Also you can find me on Facebook here:…
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Absolutely stunning! This is especially great, with exciting composition, and gesture. Everything really comes to life, with marvelous drama tension.

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Looks amazing.the idea of him. Looking like a cartoon character is so cool.
Aww man! I absolutely LOOOOOOOOVE Uncharted! Your artwork is so good!
I can already hear him saying: "Aw, cr*p!"
Absolutely fantastic!
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Are you going to do a uncharted lost legacy piece?
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Wooooooow Oops!Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Clap 
sincerely love it
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OMG! Just P-E-R-F-E-C-T
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that is so EPIC!!!! I love it, get art work
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*Uncharte 4 theme intensifies*
I Love It! - PLZ 
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Holy crap, this is epic!
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Best Nathan Drake pic on the internet
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A Thief's End. This looks awesome.
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This is awesome! I've just recently discovered the uncharted games, so I very much appreciate this.
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I assume you've played it now?
What did you think of it
the second is still my favourite while the 3rd still has my favourite multiplayer
I consider UC 4 to have a better single player then the 3rd and better multiplayer then the second, mind you I still love the multiplayer in this game, it's just the third had the best multiplayer I've ever played of anygame
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Good Job!~ Heart :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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i like it( ˘ ³˘)♡
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this is absolutely amazing! And, um, Interesting to look at in a way? I honestly don't know how to describe this amazing piece of art Clap 
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Only 6 days left, I can't wait anymore D:
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I don't know how you do it, but you put really good energy into your drawings! Clapping Emoticon 
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