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December 16, 2013
Uncharted 3 by *PatrickBrown A truly amazing fan art of Uncharted. It feels like an epic movie poster! Very cool things going on in this artwork!
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Uncharted 3

Facebook page: [link]

Wow, I finally finished it haha! I originally started this in March but stopped on it when I got to the colouring stage because of art block, it's been 5 months but I got back into it and enjoyed every bit!

Uncharted 3 is an amazing game, definitely one of my top favorite games to play. I love the whole series, this picture only shows some of the best moments in the game, but there are so many more. These were the ones that stood out for me :)

This is for all you Uncharted fans, I hope you like it :D
Also I'm definitely going to do a pic for The Last of Us, it just looks so amazing and I need to unleash some of the ideas I have for it on paper ;)

- Pat
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Sketch-guy102's avatar

Geez... I Love this Picture!

Eaglesky52real's avatar
This Artwork just like a GTA Cover. LOL
Sanartstudio's avatar
Love the game and love this artwork
roniereid2002's avatar
Uncharted is just like Indiana Jones
Th3DutchZombi3's avatar
Romerk2's avatar
Wow es realmente increíble:D
GaRedFlodilla12's avatar
i just can't stop watching this
Dinidis98's avatar
Me too. It's amazing
Quick-5's avatar
Pretty solid...except for Chloe. Yeesh, that position she's in must he hell on the spine.
AeonGates's avatar
When I see this I said to myself : "It's a drawing by Patrick Brown !" (The first time I saw your work, it was in the PlaystationMag, with Sevchenko of Killzone 3)
I love your drawings, you have inimitable style ! <3
Nuclear-0-Cookie's avatar
honestly seems like THIS should have been the cover for the damn game........10/10
Yurosoku's avatar
Best treasure hunter!
ahhhh i still remember the mission with the caravan and the horses good times 
FoxyGamer0's avatar
Those spiders
I still haven't forgotten about them I beat all 3 uncharted
Gerbil-Powered-WiFi's avatar
My brother is probably drakes biggest fan
Pablo-Franzoni's avatar
Koolguy17's avatar
Uncharted is the greatest! I am currently playing Uncharted 3
CarameliaBriana's avatar
Chloe and Elena look amazing😍!
Is it okay if I use your picture as a YouTube thumbnail?
Great work, one of the best drawings I've seen!
Madi-Milkshakes's avatar
You captured the entire game in one picture! Awesome artwork!
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