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Tommy Vercetti

By PatrickBrown
Tommy Vercetti is my favorite character from the Grand Theft Auto games, Vice City was just amazing! I thought I'd see if I can make him a little more realistic with the new technique.

Originally I was trying to create the main character in the upcoming GTA V but I didn't have enough references for that.

I've also made this available for download (hi-res) :D Enjoy!
- Patrick Brown

Facebook: [link]
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Tommy Vercetti is one of my favourite GTA protagonists, next to Claude Speed and Carl Johnson. Some of Tommy's quotes from within Vice City are really funny, like when he gets so irritated in road rage and the cops, he says, "GIVE...ME...A BREAK!!". So hilarious. XD

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This is amazing. Tommy Vercetti is an awesome character. Vice City is ahead of it's time especially for the fighting mechanics. Great work too. I've faved it too :D
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Awesome. GTA fan art need more love and attention. ^^
Amazing work! But his watch is missing on left hand.
Not the kind of guy you want to be cross with.
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GTA Vice City is one of mah fav games. I played it, too. I :love: him, Apache Helicopter and Rhino Tank.
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Tommy is 65 years old yet still looks like he's in his 30s.
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Hello there handsome! He's my favourite GTA protagonist as well, though I imagined him a tad older, but that's just me. Awesome work by the way, I love your technique.
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Tommy Vercetti my favorite GTA protagonist 😃😃😃😍😍😍
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You're not a cop, you're a robot!
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One of my favorite characters from GTA :D
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I love it that you made him look somewhat similar to his voice actor Ray Liotta
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Just like me.. I love Tommy Vercetti, my favorite part of the map was the shopping center xD
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Ace detective
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Amazing artwork!
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Ah Tommy, he is my favorite too. This is an amazing piece. 
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what a badass looking picture
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omg, you made tommy vercetti look even more badass! I didn't think that was possible! 
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Tommy Vercetti is my favourite GTA character and Vice City is my favourite GTA. Great Tommy. You have a real talent.
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my first game on a computer that could support 3D.
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I love this! Did you try to make him look like Ray Liotta? That's what this reminds me of.
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