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Tomb Raider - Definitive Edition


Lately I've been playing the new Definitive Edition, wow it looks so much better, I'm really enjoying it. I've been meaning to draw a Tomb Raider pic for a long time, I just really wanted to make sure I got it all right, after all, drawing women isn't my strong suit. THis picture was actually quite challenging too, I haven't really dealt with a night jungle scene like this so trying to understand the lighting stumped me for a while. I hope I got it right haha!
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life is strange pls
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Awesome work, I really enjoyed the Definitive Edition a lot too!
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thats bad ass man nice job keep it up.
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Great job! especially on the backround, I really enjoyed this game :) Could I maybe use the lineing in this picture? (Mainly Lara herself) I need to practice shading minor details and this would be PERFECT :D I would use colored pencils and copic marksers (greyscale), if I post anything I will of course credit you however you like. Have you played the latest instalment? It's great. 
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Impressive how you can capture areas from a game so well that it's recognisable which section/level it is.
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Very cool!Meow :3 
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is there any chance so long as i leave a link in the description of my youtube video that i could use your picture for my thumbnail perhaps? if not totally ok i just wanted to ask because i respect other artist's work and i love this picture and the rest of your work.
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Great work. Love this game too. Can't wait for the next one. 
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amazing! I love this gamew00t! 
Leroy-Fernandes's avatar
Really love your artstyle!
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"I don't always become a symbol of feminine strength in gaming but when I do, it's after escaping from captivity, dropping onto a spike that possibly punctured my liver, ripping out said spike, going for days without proper medical treatment while allowing mud and bacteria into the wound, and I have just found a convenient longbow and there are quivers scattered everywhere. Well, at least I don't have to worry about some otherworldly force possessing a close friend of mine."
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you draw all of this? Its amazing,I love it,wouldnt mind seeing you do an arctic temple version hehe ;)
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Nice job with the pose and Artstyle! Really cool. Too bad she's looking the wrong way.

Well done Patrick Brown!
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great great work
Satsunoryu's avatar
Your coloring just astounds me.  I wish I could pull it off like that.
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For some reason (post likely, the facial expression) I imagine her having this thought bubble:

. o ('s right behind me, isn't it...? )
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It looks great. Only one thing that bothers me is Lara's eye color isn't right. She's got brown eyes.
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