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The Witcher vs Hellboy

By PatrickBrown
I was inspired by Mike Mignola's Hellboy and Witcher comics, so I thought it'd be fun to put them together in a piece, possibly Geralt's most challenging monster hunt.

I tried to add some of those heavy black shadows like Mike does, it's fun to try something new. There's two versions here, one with Geralt using the Quen magic sign and one without, I couldn't decide but I think I prefer the Quen version, what do you think?

I created this piece with the support of my patrons over at Patreon:

If you'd like to help support me and get access to a bunch of cool content such as high-res art, Photoshop docs and tutorials, find me under Patrick Brown Art on Patreon.
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I noticed the heavier dark shadows in this piece right away! That's not typically the way you shade, but it looks great! I would love to see more Hellboy art by you...and Spawn! Your work is always so inspiring, and makes me want to be a better artist. Great job!

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This is easily the best crossover I've seen in ages! I think a crossover with Witcher makes sense because of all the portals.

I couldn’t agree more.
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amazing work!

Totally badass. Good job have a cookie 🍪

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Awesome Work. Well Done.

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Badass my dude. You just took two of my favorite heros and made me like them even more. You just earned a watch/follow. I like your art style

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I love your art!! ♥ This is a amazing!

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Are fighting each other or the eldritch abomination on the background?

Also, this is canon in my head as I believe Gerald traveled with Ciri through the multiverse after the events of TW3 and Geralt's appearances on Soul Calibur and Monster Hunter

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i don't know about this witcher guy but my boy hellboy looks amazing in your style!

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Ironically I'm playing Witcher 3 for the first time right now. It's an awesome game!!

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I wasn't aware there was a comic for these 2, I gotta find it

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Teach me your ways!

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dude i would totally pay money to see this

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It would be very interesting to add the Witcher in Brawlhalla. Because Hellboy is already a Brawlhalla character as a skin

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