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The Witcher Wild Hunt: Blood and Wine

By PatrickBrown
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Commissioned by DeviantArt for The Witcher Wild Hunt: Blood & Wine

Check out the TIME-LAPSE VIDEO of the making of this piece here:…

I loved making this, and was amazed to have the opportunity to work with the team at DeviantART. I've always been a huge fan of the series so a lot of passion has gone into this piece, make sure to check out the new expansion, I know I will, cheers guys!
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© 2016 - 2021 PatrickBrown
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Griffin trophy is the best trophy, 10% Chance to dismember is always fun XD

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Неплохой Арт по игре Ведьмак3
Scholarly-Cimmerian's avatar
Outstanding work! :D 
Dravuor2019's avatar
Oh wow! His expression, sooo cool!
MsKraken's avatar
I absolutely love the colors on this! And your coloring style is just... beyond. Kudos to you!
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this  picture inspired me to do this
witcher 3 fanart by ninjakimm  
pramitdevguru23's avatar
It's amazing to see one inspiring the other
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Amazing piece :)
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You love this POLISH game!? Omg!
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Dude it's the Witcher. Everyone loves it.
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How do you actually create these stuff, I mean they look awesome. Do you draw something like a sketch? Or is this all photoshop and few other softwares?
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While I think this is an excellent piece of artwork, I'd like to suggest further studying the functions of the saddle, and rider. The incorrect placement of straps and poor horsemanship distract from the overall piece. Correcting those errors would make this so much stronger. Awesome artwork though!
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Grandmaster Wolf FTW!
WannabeBoxer's avatar
just hope to god some kid with a pitchfork doesn't charge him.
orchidkitty's avatar
I like his face xD
Shaa-vi's avatar
Great work!
But Herald not so angry in "real life")
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Holy. Shit. I fell immediately in love with your art style. Wow man this is just sick.
Artgirl-Jes's avatar
Why isn't there anywhere I can buy these pretties to beautify my wall?! Lol Miiiiight you consider making this a print? Pretty Please? (also this: The Witcher 3 by PatrickBrown aaaaand this: Uncharted 4 by PatrickBrown ;)
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