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The Witcher 3

By PatrickBrown
This is my latest piece of fan art for The Witcher 3, I think this will be an amazing game. I had a lot of fun with this, it's always enjoyable drawing monsters. I can't take full credit for the back two monsters, they were drawn based off a few screen shots of the game. Haha Geralt has definitely got his hands full here, but I'm sure he'll manage ;)

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Do you take commissions? If you do send me a note please. Im interested
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Very nice dude ! ; )
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this is very epic and cool 
i really like the style of the drawing 
it really looks like Geralt is going to get a good amount of coin for the trouble he is currently in
very neat
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I wish it was in 1920x1080 :/
celestial-insanity's avatar
I love all of your work, but this one is definitely one of my favorites. The composition, the lighting, the colors - I love it all. <3 
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awesome stuff man!
Awesome art! I have no words :o
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Have you ever considered sending this to cdprojektred? ;)
Scholarly-Cimmerian's avatar
Lovely work, really awesome :D
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A siren, a giant, a werewolf, and a griffin against the White Wolf, himself?

I pity those poor beasts...
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This is absolutely incredible!  Well done!  
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Why is he using is Steel Sword?
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"Damn Monsters", "I'm too old for this" xD Nice Job Bro, Geralt is the best. Excelent work.
use0000's avatar
Fantastic art for a fantastic game

Are their any tutorials on how to draw like that?
If not a secret of course.
What did you use to draw this drawing?

Thank you
Just got the complete edition a few days ago. Can't stop playing. XD
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Gorgeous work !
Hi Patrick. Great art! Would you mind if I used it as part of a banner for social media? I'll be promoting my own video content through these accounts, so I thought I'd ask you before using it.
Theralun's avatar
This looks amazing!

Though, he uses the wrong sword   /(>~>)/
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this is awesome mr brown, your one of the best digital artists in know of, i have been following our work for years, God bless your work man.  
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Congrats for winning the Witcher Art Contest from CD PROJEKT RED!
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