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The Lost and Damned

By PatrickBrown
Few! Damn that took a long time!
Over the last few weeks I've been working on this piece.. I guess I really just wanted to take my time haha!

Well as you can see I've been LOVING The Lost and Damned on Xbox 360, so much that I had to do a pic on it :D
I loved the fact that you can use a baseball bat on your bike while racing, So I took advantage of it ;)

I've had this exact thing happen to me in the game haha.. I was coming 2nd until I sped up beside the biker in front, and hit him with my bat, the hit made him veer to the left and collide with an oncoming car.. His body went so high I couldn't believe it haha!

I had so much making this, from sketch to lines to colouring.. I LOVED IT, so much fun! I can't wait till the next episode comes out! I'll have to do another GTA LEGENDS :D

A few references have been use, mainly for the bike ( coz I know nothing about them) and building!
The billboards are made by Rockstar Games.. I just borrowed them from in-game screenshots..

Anyways I hope you all enjoy this, Please let me know what you think ;)

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That's amazing work!

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Amazing artwork well done

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Sorry about that.- Johny Klebitz, 2008.
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I love how you used the Willard which is very rare in 4 but easier to find in The Lost and Dammed.
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Oh, damn, AMAZING! 
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Lost and damned: if ride to hell was good.
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i wish the suspension wasn't stiffened for 5 i liked the bouncy cars that you used to think were rolling over but nah
you didn't 
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They had so much potential, Trev and Johnny could've been characters, or at least make Johnny a "call backup" kind of guy!
Face it, haing Lost backup during the final Option C mission would've KICKED ASS!
josh-the-dragon's avatar
i hate that he died
but i hate that niko isn't the main character again EVEN MORE
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I love jhonny klebitz's bike
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Fuck you Trevor!
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I'll take Johnny over Trevor any day.
R.I.P Johnny Klebitz, Clay and Terry

Lost and Damned but not forgotten.
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Thanks Rockstar for screwing over The Lost in GTA V.
R.I.P. Johnny...
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Johnny K.
The King of Alderny City.
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+spoilers+    R.I.P Johnny klebitz   (1974-2013)


 The Lost M.C   ALDERNEY chapter

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R.I.P. Johnny Klebitz (1974 - 2013)

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Trevor that's all I'm sayin
grrrrrraaaaahhhhhhhh's avatar

I love how he says that in the game.
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Love how you capture the style of Liberty City and its radio stations and etc.
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