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The Last of Us Part II

By PatrickBrown
It's good to be back doing some fan art again! Here's my latest piece, this was a lot of fun, I'm so excited for the game and really felt the urge to do some art.

If you'd like to get this printed, you can get a high quality jpg file of this art over on my Patreon at
Your support would help me a lot. And I plan on creating a lot more art.

You can also see the step by step process on my Instagram, just swipe:…
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Kyouken0w0's avatar

Wow well done mate, keep breaking all expectations.

This art is so amazing can use pls let me add this art for my book cover i promise to give you all credit pls help me with this

JoseMan881's avatar

This is amazing work!

asari13's avatar

Very nice art

alexsanlyra's avatar
Amazing art! Really captures the feel of the game...... I was so ready to like this game... but it just got me depressed in the end.
d4rkbl4de's avatar

Please do one of Abby <3

papabear7's avatar

I'm about 24 hours into the game, it's amazing all around to me. I love that it forces you to view this story through various perspectives instead of it being one sided. If you loved Telltales The Walking Dead games and Uncharted Lost Legacy then you should dig this sequel just as much.

GhostShell5's avatar

Epic work. Can't wait till next week.

emmerlaus's avatar

Love the art...

Still wary about the sequel though. I'll watch a gameplay of the whole game before deciding if its worth my money though... Probably wont since from the leaks, they removed everything I liked from the first game but hey, maybe a miracle will happen... Same chances as for me stumbling on a stack of winning lottery tickets but you never know lol

SirCaptainGimpy's avatar

Very well done. The detail with the tattoo on her arm is a nice touch and you've captured the Clicker to a T.

LordDeathBR's avatar

I like you style!

Ventyol's avatar
Its awsome i love it
NRGComics's avatar

You know, that Zombie reminds me a lot of the Grey from the Swamp Thing comic series.

LysAnimation's avatar

So pretty ! All of these colors !

Gromgorefiend's avatar

That is very nice.

SirKalious's avatar

Don't suppose you do commissions at all?

Kervala's avatar

What's an amazing illustration :love: All poses and expressions are so cool and I love colors :love:

xXMr-LinkXx's avatar

The power of lesbian-ness propels her!!

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