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February 28, 2016
Star Wars: The Force Awakens by PatrickBrown is an action packed piece with an awesome dynamic composition and a wonderful style.  The opposing colors accent and highlight the details while drawing the focus to the expressions of the characters and the clashing sabers.
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Had fun with this one, the clash of red and blue neon effects are always great to work with. Absolutely loved the movie, I thought it was a good time and well held together, very enjoyable right through. 

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Soulslayer317's avatar

Finn deserved the role of the potential Jedi, he had such good build up but they stole that spot to Rey when she could’ve learned to develop the ways of the force in the next movie.

Braineater97's avatar

best part of the whole sequel trilogy

Finn said "your no Sith lord your just a Brat!"

We deserved this fight!

bbenjoe's avatar

Kylo Ren should've dispatched him effortlessly, then he should've defeated Rey in the fight. An angry Chewie could've saved our heroes by blasting Kylo Ren away with the lasers of the Millenium Falcon.

BigBigZ's avatar

how the real fight should have been and the good guy should lose but not die but maybe lose a arm

William11017's avatar
I know this was a few months ago and you might not answer but you are so right and yes it would have simulated Luke Skywalker, no offense to the actor of Rey she's a good actor I just really don't care about the character
Doblyno's avatar
I really do like the cartoon style you have given to it. Pretty neat.
YeahButThenDragons's avatar
I love the angling of the audiences viewpoint here!
joselrodriguesart's avatar
i think the term people use for something this great is "stellar"?!
joselrodriguesart's avatar
or interstellar?  ;)
Laylabelle97's avatar
Amethyst-Phoenixx's avatar
Looks spectacular! :love: la in love 
Ndusk77's avatar
Oh, this is BOSS.
The-Chosen-Juan's avatar
Yes man I finally found a good part of deviantart.
ssaffr01's avatar
Did You know who (ner olyk) die in ep. 7?
Destiny687's avatar
Grimmjowned's avatar
Wow this is absolutely gorgeous. <3
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