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Spider-man the animated series

By PatrickBrown
I thought I might share some more of my official Marvel work, these are characters I've done for promotional art for the new Spider-man animated series, which is out now, such an awesome show and I'm absolutely stoked I got to be a part of it.
Here's Green Goblin and Spidey in a chase together.…
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amazing get it amazing spider man ok so maybe i suck at dad jokes but great art man

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wheres firestar

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I love this show, but I wonder when Green Goblin is going to come.


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I could just see Niko Bellic yelling " This is a JECKING " 
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Fantastic art :la:
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Sad that fan art looks so much better than the actual show.
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the show looks perfectly fine
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Maybe to you, but to me, I can't enjoy visual media that makes my eyes bleed. 
Sorry, but USM was far better, at least in the art and animation department. Since it at least bothered to have proper shading. 
Again, my opinion. (Well it's a lot of other people's opinion, but still, subjective.) You don't have to agree, but I personally can't enjoy it.
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That's because if every frame looked like this art it would take a years.
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You completely misunderstand what I said.
I'm saying the show looks like crap and that the show should look as good if not better than promo art. I'm not asking that they do frame by frame artwork of this for the show. I'm just saying they should get a bigger budget and better animators and designers.
Oh, that and the promo art designs are so much better than the official designs in the show.
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Which show you talking about?
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The current one that can't even afford shading.
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I've never watched a lot of episodes I can't stand how much Spider-man talks too much in the new cartoons.
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You mean the last few cartoons or just the newest one?
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Spectacular Spider-man was good it ended too early..
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The last few cartoons.
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You should draw all aspects of the marvel universe. You have spiderman down, this stuff is awesome. I can only imagine what your take on X-men and Avengers would look like!
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What is this show called?
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