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Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse - Miles

Here's some of my official Marvel art, I did a lot of the promotional art for the movie that you might see on toy packaging, merchandise and things like that. It was such an honor to do it because I was already so excited for the movie! I had to stray from my style try and match theirs, it was a real challenge but got there in the end. 

You can see a lot more of them on my Instagram:…
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Is there anywhere I can buy this? Would love to get it on my wall

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I eagerly await Spider-Verse 2! Hopefully by then, this entire crisis that's been plaguing us all year would be over and done with.
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I know at this point this is going to sound cliche but: I was amazed at how much I loved that movie!Spiderman gif miles morales

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Whoa incredibly amazing 
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This really cool how you draw miles looks really nice
I love the fact you point out that Miles is a two handed swinger. Very nice. Your use of colors is awesome!
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So, so cool.  I especially love the posing! 
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I remember seeing your stuff back when I was in middle school (about 7 years ago?) and it still blows my mind that you've landed a job for MARVEL...I'm so happy! Keep up the astounding work Patrick, we're all so proud and amazed by the awesome work you're creating!!!
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*fangirls* MILESSSSS
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WOW,this image is BAD ASS,looking forward to seeing the film,currently using this for my screensaver,hope you don't mind... Clap  :happybounce:  
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I find than Miles Morales is cute and funny on this picture :)

I loved the movie so much <3, it was too beautiful !
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LOVED this movie. :D Spider-Man emoticon static 
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I just saw the movie today. I had fun.
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So Cool!!!!!!!!!!
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Really a fan of how you know how to exaggerate just enough!
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Great work, good to see Miles Morales on the big screen. :)
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Fantastic Work!!!
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