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Red Dead Redemption

By PatrickBrown
I loved making this one! I've never really created 'dust' in any of my pics so it was pretty interesting to give it a crack!

This is for the upcoming PS3 game Red Dead Redemption by Rockstar Games.. DAMN I CAN'T WAIT :D It's going to have all the same physics that GTA IV used and I think it'll be awesome having the big ol' Western landscape to roam around in!

This pic was mainly just to get me hyped for the game! It took me a little longer than my usual pics, about 16 hours I think.. All done in Photoshop CS3 apart from the sketch..

I hope you like it, please let me know what you all think :D

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This is a Very nice job.
But the horse has no reins....
But that's okay,
Jhon marston Has got detail to his boots and His Pistol and Rifle.
Its a very nice picture.
Even though Jhon is really Skinny,
The Detail on how the people are shot in the head and back etc)
Is very nice!
I myself play Red Dead Redemption And it is a very detailed game,
I also like how you put the Bullets on the floor,
The Dust seems realistic, You my good person have talent on making pictures of red dead redemption!
Good job on this Picture.
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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
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Normally in a Critique one would possibly offer suggestions or changes, but honestly, everything here is working great.
Perspective is dynamic,
Horses anatomy can be tricky, but I think you nailed it.
The Smoke fx can sometimes be clunky...and here it's working.
The Main Characters Pose is Interesting and the Riffle overlapping the Sheriff's Building is perfect to push the depth of field.
I dig the tree in the upper right.
The pose of the main character works, and the coloring and textures are all working in harmony.
Only Suggestion: maybe the Horse should have some sort of reigns on it's face?
Great Image.
I also cannot wait for Red Dead Redemption.
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Wow thanx mate! I really appreciate that!

You rock!
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It actually looks like a Red Dead Redemtion comic book! My life would be complete if it existed.
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Even the horse looks ready to wreck you.
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This is fucking awesome! Your definitely my favorite artist right next to Tony Moore!
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what ever happend to red dead revolver?
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my favorite game ever. i wish i could give this piece of art more than two thumbs up.
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Awesome! One little detail though.... the horse doesn't have a bridle and the saddle's backwards! XD
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this is my favorite thing ok
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this is simply amazing!!!!! good job!
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Awesome artwork! I just love the style of this. Great composition and poses, and the detail is great. I really love that sky.
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oh god
the horse
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I do the same just so I can get desperado. Jesus lord, how that man get on the roof of the sheriffs office!
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I really like this, everything works so well together!
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Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The expression,the smoke and everthing is perfect..............................How did you manage to do is totally out of the world
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I have this game and the poor thing is sitting on my shelf gathering dust all because the bloody thing intimidates me. I know that sounds... fucking stupid but it kinda does. When I first played it I was awful, and I don't mean beginners' awful I mean awful awful. I played it for about three days, maybe four, and in that time I, killed my horse three times, one by going over a cliff 'cause I couldn't find the brakes quick enough, one by accidentally shooting it instead of shooting a bandit, and once by a pack of wolves, found the Twin Peaks hideout and couldn't save the women 'cause I didn't know about dead eye, get killed by a bunch of blokes that were attacking a stagecoach or something, and then a pack of wolves once again, and more fuck ups. Did you stumbled around the game and controls for a bit at the beginning, not as bad as me obviously?
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I know this is kind of a late response, but I saw it, and thought I could give some insightful input.

Yeah, I sucked at first (was intimidated by it too). It was one of my first PS3 games, too, so I didn't know the buttons at all. I had to talk my sister into even picking up the controller, she was so intimidated by it. But, after simply playing for a while, I got MUCH better. It took me FOREVER to figure out how to use Dead Eye, or to Duel, or anything because they barely explain it. Just screw around a bit and you'll figure it out (that's how I learned Poker/Texas Hold'em in this, too). Dead Eye is great for homing projectiles, like Tomahawks and Dynamite :lol: Definitely worth playing.
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It was my first Xbox game which obviously wasn't a good choice, like you I didn't know where any of the buttons were. It's annoying that the first 'mission' you gotta do is race Bonnie, and I have that black horse add on which, by the way, is faster than a Cheetah on Red Bull, so I was falling off everything and running into things. Does it have predictive aiming, it's made by Rockstar I believe and they love that crap.
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Yeah, I had the War Horse, too, since I got the GOTY edition. I was all over the place with that guy. When I got the game, I didn't know that R* was the same company that made the GTA games, or I might not have bought it, but I'm glad I did. Did you ever end up playing it more, by the way?
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