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Rage! After playing through the game the other week I had this urge to draw a crazy pic. Although this wasn't the best game, nice graphics but pretty bland story, I came across a part in the game that I really loved. It kept me on the edge of my seat, very intense gameplay! And the whole time playing that part I kept thinking how perfect it was for a picture.

Being surrounded by gremlin dudes, while this big hulking mutant busts through the wall with a damn firey grenade launcher! It just worked well, and this is pretty much exactly what I saw in my mind while playing. So here it is, I hope you all enjoy this one. I just love drawing facial expressions like this and working on intense poses, so I had a lot of fun making this.

Enjoy :)
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Fantastic Artwork mate! I want to see more of Rage from you :3
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when i finish building something in minecraft my xbox automatically turns of on it own!

True Story true story

i now hate my xbox ;-;

and i love this game :>
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Move bitch get out the way
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I liked Rage...but it left feeling like I had only part of the meal and nothing sweet after the main meal. :(
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I love this game! I didn't care as much for the story as I did the gameplay. The unskippable dialogue kinda bothered me though. It was like, "Comon! Let me shoot things!" While I mashed the keyboard.
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I am happy to see art of Rage. A game that was originally going to be a tech demo, then a full game, then they ran out of time. Or at least that is what I read.
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They ran out of time? explains the pretty... terrible ending where they give you the weapon you've been waiting for which is the mini-gun and you only use it for a short mission and end, kinda hope they bring out a second one.
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From what I hear they might be bringing another one out. Possibly even this E3 they might have news, Bethesda has their first ever panel. They apparently have the very first panel of the convention.
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Yeah I heared about that and some people are saying Fallout 4 might be their big reveal and Rage just might dead in the water if so.
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No, rage is made by the ID software team. The Fallout and Elderscrolls games are made by Tom Howards team. Two different teams, and from what I hear id mostly just does game engine work aside from Rage and Wolfenstein..
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Oh yeah, sorry my bad.
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Why apologize, I just follow Bethesda creepily because they make the two video games I wait excitedly for. Fallout, and Elderscrolls
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Fair enough XD What did you think of Elder Scrolls online by the way?
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you are incredible. I just can´t understand how someone could draw such an awesome piece!
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well, he's pissed
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just damn beautiful Patrick!
all the best to you
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Hell yeah!
Long live Rage, and it's non-crappy CoD/MoH style :DSmiley Strogg 
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Waitasec, someone else but me liked RAGE?
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There are more of us but we're hidden. Don't want to catch the Authority's attention. Shhh!
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and here I thought I wouldn't find RAGE artwork on DeviantART...
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"Nice graphics, bland story" couldn't agree more. The gunplay was more than enough reason to continue playing though, and quite fun with the intelligent AI - you've really got to keep your wits about you when all the mutants start rushing you from everywhere. 

Cool picture :)
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