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First off, I wouldn't bother faving this right now, I'll remove it once the whole pic is complete. So if you really want to keep this somewhere you can click download ;)

I just watched PREDATORS!!! What an awesome movie! I love how they chose to go back to the basics and make it similar to the original.

So I couldn't help myself :D I had to do a piece on it! It might take me this week or maybe the next to actually have it done, but I am so excited about this one!!! It's great to actually draw something different to the usual person or character!

Now I know most of you will say he's missing his kick ass blades! Haha but I thought I'd be a little different, plus I gave him a cool little dagger I thought up ;) Since in the new movie, they have a lot of different Predators, I thought I'd make my own! Might call him Herb ;)

Let me know what you think so far!
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