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This would have to be one of my most enjoyable pieces to create! Because I'm so used to drawing people and characters, but this time it was something totally new to me!

This is my dedication to the recently released movie Predators, such a great movie! I loved it :D Go see it now, you'll love it if you liked the original! In the new one the director has taken things back to basics and kept it similar to the first.

Here's the original sketch I started with:

Please let me know what you think :D

- Photoshop CS4
- Wacom Intuos4 Graphics Tablet
- Around 13-16 hours (took my time)
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I can see a passion in here from you! I really can and I believe that's what makes this piece really stand out. The original sense of style you've added to it allows it to keep it's own form but adding an 'Oomph' to it if you know what I mean. The movement is very fluid right down to the Predator's dreadlock-esque hair, making it feel like the piece is moving and working together as a whole. In a way I believe you've even made him look like some sort of different super hero; however that might just be the pose you've chosen as well as the angle. Excellent work on the muscles and anatomy of the character. Crisp clean lines and color, and keeping the Predator away from being smack dab exactly in the middle. Well..with his arm out in front of him like that and his opposite are swaying the other direction it give the piece a lot more balance and it makes your eye follow along the whole piece.

Very nice work.
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Wow thanx mate :D I appreciate that, yeah I had so much fun making this.. Very enjoyable! I always love it when creating a piece that you really enjoy, most pics I tend to loose that motivation.

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Well in this piece it's evident that there was passion there and I thoroughly enjoy seeing that. Wonderful work, and you're very welcome. ^__^

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One ugly motherf*cker

   (I wonder how many other people have written this in the comments)
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You're an inspiration Patrick Brown. Thanks for been the best at you do.
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that's my boyfriend   beautiful work
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one of the best predator drawing ever. just amazing.
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Just had to give him a wedgie, huh?

Seriously, you can tell you put  lot of time and effort into this. :thumbsup:
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Wow! Predator looks amazing here! :)
By the way, did you hear about Predator's inclusion into Mortal Kombat X?
He's a part of the Kombat Pack alongside Friday the 13th's Jason Voorhees, Tanya & Tremor.
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That's a bad ass mofo there. Great job. Nod 
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This is bad ASS!!!!  Great Drawing and you killed it with the colors!  
That is one ugly mother fucker.
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The finished piece is above reproach.
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this movie freaked me out! But this pic is pretty awesome!
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Your one UGLY motherfucker.
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Love your art work!
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Awesome drawing man I love the Original Predator and Predators is great they should make a sequel I think that would be awesome
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I got to tell you the caricature of the predator looks amazing!! With an extra bonus of having it in full color. I saw the movie too! 
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That looks so sick mate!
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