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Niko Bellic - Mad Max 'jecking'

By PatrickBrown
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Oh what a day, what a lovely day!!!
Haha I've wanted to do this one for a while, Niko just loves jacking everyone's ride, this time it's Max's turn.. well more like the War Boy who was driving. I'm having a great time with these "jecking's", glad to bring the series back, I've got some good plans for more :) Enjoy!


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itsGILLYbOb's avatar

Best fuckin' crossover

moistGAMER's avatar

gta 4 is the best lol hahahah!

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Really amazing, Niko Bellic is an awesome character. Really amazing design :)
Suddenly, Roman calls. "Let's go bowling, cousin."
waxym23's avatar

Niko: for a last time Roman I don’t want to go bowling

Roman: okay maybe another time

merkavah12's avatar
The most terrifying sound in the post apocalyptic wastes is his battlecry:

LE0PATRA's avatar
I saw Mad Max Fury Road just a couple of weeks ago. It was, uh, extreme... and so is your interpretation! Love the speed lines. :sprint:
Cecil475's avatar
Niko's back! Whoo!! 
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HauntedSecondOpinion's avatar
Niko lets go bowling.
akshat14561's avatar
For the millionth time roman I AM CARJACKING IN A FUCKING WASTELAND!
Kilo60's avatar
I could have sworn I faved this... 
NormalPerson100's avatar
That's..... The craziest thing I ever see
Even though my favorite is GTAV
batcena's avatar
Hmmmm what should we call the movie

How about mad Max


Here how about mad Niko

Good idea
DepthJacks's avatar
THIS IS JEKING XXXXXXDDDDDDDD oh man I laughed my ass of.
mastershepard53's avatar
i Love Niko's Face :D
Kroeti's avatar
Aaaaw how could i miss this? y.y
rockstarcrossing's avatar
Niko is the only GTA main character I actually like besides CJ.
SonSilvShad18's avatar
How about Trevor?
rockstarcrossing's avatar
I've never played GTA V and I don't plan on it.
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