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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

I've been meaning to do a piece of fan art for this for a while now, Big Boss is one of my favourite characters in the gaming world so I had a lot of fun making this.

I've played the game through a few times now, it's so good and what a great build up to The Phantom Pain. This pic was a bit of a challenge, I'm trying to add more details to my line work these days, and I want my backgrounds to be more detailed too. The rain was fun to work with, I haven't had to work with wetness in a while so it was challenging.

Don't forget if you're interested in learning how to do art like this, you can enroll in my classes:

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"Kept you waiting, huh?" - Big Boss
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Great work mate :D
Love This! Love This! Love This! 
1st Question: Did you use a model for Big Boss?
2nd Question: How long did it take you to make this? Hours? Days?
3rd Question: If Kojima were to come back or gain the Metal Gear rights back, what kind of story will it be and will be about Solid Snake again? Big Boss again? or maybe a Liquid Origin for the first time?
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Spectacular artwork, have you done a piece based on Phantom Pain? Just wondering :D
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jezus man.....thats some art O_o'

make posters of them or silk wall art!
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Here's to you Boss
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awesome MGSV work. Metal Gear is perhaps one of my all time favorite IP's, and this comic/animation style take on Big Boss is nice
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Kpetchock is as good patbrown, perhaps even better.
What kind of thigh holster does he use for his side arm? I want to know so I can find a similr one for myself.
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I think knocking out his opponent's is more Big Boss' style...but still a cool picture ^_^
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He's a guy who's almost never without a knife, how is a good old fashioned stabbing not his style?
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(Shrugs) I just noticed that how the games deter you from killing enemies to much that it might play with his morality...But I am new to the series so I'm not as knowledgeable as most veteran fans are. I mostly played GZ with out lifting the gun, unless it was to Tranq. Though With the Legacy Edition I intend to change that.
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The original games gave no options for non-lethal playthroughs, it wasn't until the fourth entry that the tranq gun even became a thing.

Not to mention Big Boss and Snake are both sort of Blood Knight characters, part of their motivation was that while they suffered from it fighting was all they knew or wanted to do.

For Snake the tranq gun made sense, he wanted to keep fighting but didn't like the idea of losing his humanity.

But Big Boss, after killing the Boss and finding out the truth became disillusioned and depressed. He lost all reason to be loyal to anyone, and in essence lost his reason to maintain any semblance of humanity.

So Big Boss' story reason for using non-lethal techniques isn't a matter of morality but pragmatism. He spares soldiers who are worth sparing, a good example being Kaz himself.

Remember, there's a reason Big Boss is the bad guy in the original games. He values his allies, his men, they're true companions to him. But Big Boss doesn't see human life itself as inherently valuable.

Remember, Metal Gear is a series that holds the characters as well as the player's morality in the equation. Metal Gear Solid made a specific point about your wanton killing, the player and Snake are considered the same thing. Therefor Snake's character must contain within it both the player's capacity for mercy and wanton killing at the same time.

Play Snake or Big Boss however you want, their characters are written as such that your behavior as the player is never out of character for them.
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Thank you for the clarification. I have a grasp on the story, though there is only so much the info sites will tell you these days :/
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they came from beHIND!!
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This game is shorter than the other metal gear games. That's just stupid! What was they thinking?!... 
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Idiot, it's more like a cheap introduction into Metal Gear Solid V, should've read the reviews before buying it and complaining like a fool.
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I miss Snake's old CQC stance where he'd hold a gun and a knife at the same time.
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yeah that looked pretty cool, also you could equip the knife as a primary weapon and kill sleeping soldiers 
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