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February 21, 2015
Marvel Villains by PatrickBrown is quirky assemblage of the most prominent villains of the Marvel Movies.  Each character is drawn with great attention to detail and personality.
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Marvel Villains

I've been eager to get this one posted up, it's taken a loooong time to create! I've been wanting to do something like this for a long time, I was inspired by the idea my brother-in-law Joel had of putting all the villains together in one picture, so I thought what better way to do it than giving them some bonding time at their local club, Stan's Bar! I would also like to give credit to one of my best mates and oldest friends, Brent Jago, who helped me with some of the cool ideas.

I've thrown in most of the villains from the Marvel movies of the past 5 years or more, take a look and see if you can recognize them all and what movie they're from. ALSO look closely and you will find a lot of items that tie into other characters and heroes. CAN YOU SPOT THEM ALL! Dun dun dunnnnn...

In a few days I will update this post with a complete list of the villains and what you can find here. Please leave your comments, the most accurate will receive a high-quality version of this piece to get printed!!


Don't forget, if you want to learn my entire art process, you can enroll in my classes on Skillshare:
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Isaac7500's avatar

have yall found the robot that Hero created in BigHero6? just behind thanos, and omg, the 'fake' mandarin is holding iron man's helmet ;O and,... is that abomination going to the restroom?! impressive, very well done!!

phanirithvij's avatar

Thanos:Kills Loki

Also Thanos: Let's play Loki.

The Bar with No Name

charlesrook's avatar
This piece sorta reminds me of the Villian Pub from HISHE.
AviaOfSpades8's avatar

This is sooo coool!

EXO-MEKTIC's avatar

Amazing lighting!

ala33's avatar

loki : the winner gets to go after the black widow and firestar

list man of evil i will use my left hand

fine theo

lmdarroch's avatar

I love it, but poor Bucky, a villain.?

ResistReality's avatar

Why is magneto there?

ResistReality's avatar

If Disney got DC it might clean up all the bad elements. But sadly the good ones too. RIP.

Spider-Gwen Dance from Comic Book Cover
Wonder Woman #650 cover brought to life
123iloveart's avatar

I love this it is so detailed! also love the Stan Lee cameo, as a bartender.

calvincl123's avatar

i spot thanos,loki,red skull,abomination, ben kingsley as fake mandarin, mystique, abomination, aldrich killian, magneto, electro, winter soldier, ultron, baby groot, venom,nebula,collector, destroyer armour, dr lizard, the guy who killed thor's mother, a blue alien wearing star lord's headphones, mjolnir, captain america's shield, iron man's arc reactor and rest of his parts hanging here and there and

the late great "STAN LEE"

Sleeze0000's avatar

This is really great. This would make a great wall poster.

this is absolutely awesome i love the stan lee!

2gredvisions's avatar

This look diabolical. I love it! Nice work. :)

Farking awesome!

BabySithCat's avatar

I love this so much

Stan Lee in the back ground LOL

Pokkin's avatar

Hiya! Would you like to do an art trade? here's an example of my art:

Neko Nation Facet
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