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Marvel Villains

By PatrickBrown
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I've been eager to get this one posted up, it's taken a loooong time to create! I've been wanting to do something like this for a long time, I was inspired by the idea my brother-in-law Joel had of putting all the villains together in one picture, so I thought what better way to do it than giving them some bonding time at their local club, Stan's Bar! I would also like to give credit to one of my best mates and oldest friends, Brent Jago, who helped me with some of the cool ideas.

I've thrown in most of the villains from the Marvel movies of the past 5 years or more, take a look and see if you can recognize them all and what movie they're from. ALSO look closely and you will find a lot of items that tie into other characters and heroes. CAN YOU SPOT THEM ALL! Dun dun dunnnnn...

In a few days I will update this post with a complete list of the villains and what you can find here. Please leave your comments, the most accurate will receive a high-quality version of this piece to get printed!!


Don't forget, if you want to learn my entire art process, you can enroll in my classes on Skillshare:
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BabySithCatStudent General Artist

I love this so much

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M1916New Deviant

Stan Lee in the back ground LOL

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PokkinHobbyist Traditional Artist

Hiya! Would you like to do an art trade? here's an example of my art:

Neko Nation Facet
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SkelloatomNew Deviant

lol marvel loves blue,

[electro, mystique, blue alien who takes star lord's head phones, nebula, yondu]

and why is spyidey's glow hanging and why is the guy with the beard/fake ten rings drinkin from iron man's helmet=oh i get it stark's ded or he don need it cause he ha nanotech/ his chestpiece is on the table

why is yondu's arrow here is/was he a villain

where is ded pool wolwerine version

i see venom

and the enemy of hulk

where is the goddes of death

i love how the telephone says hail hydra

this is the sickest marvel art i had ever seen u made my day

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SkelloatomNew Deviant

lol and caps shield is craked the same way in [age of ultron, endgame] dude thats some sick dedication

Sirogabober's avatar

Hello. You sell in Pdf / psd this image, in better resolution?

DasBridies's avatar
Stan what are you doing with Mjolnir
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DrachenfunkeHobbyist Traditional Artist

Awesome piece!

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JohnLennon64Student Traditional Artist

But...Bucky isn't a villan

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princessPinky18Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Soo cool
laceysimpson's avatar

This is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

curtsibling's avatar
curtsiblingProfessional Digital Artist
No Dr Doom?

Quinkenguard's avatar
"I wanna be where everyone hates your face" XD
V1EWT1FUL's avatar
V1EWT1FULHobbyist Digital Artist
even the nanobot in destroy mode
Masao114's avatar
who's at the bar, w/ the ponytail?
EpicoArt's avatar
EpicoArtHobbyist General Artist

Malekith from Thor: The Dark World

Z-Lord's avatar
Z-LordHobbyist Artist
And now Yando, Mystique, Magneto, Winter Soldier, and Nebua are kicked out of the bar, they turned to the side of good. R.I.P. Yando and Mystique.
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TheRanger1302Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love this, such an amazing piece with great representation, you did a great job
NoahVilgaxsane's avatar
NoahVilgaxsaneHobbyist General Artist
You even got in the BH6 bot. Cool.

Now I'm wondering where was Yokai/Lord Deathstrike while all this was going down
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Stan Lee in the bACK THO

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Loki Twitter emoji: You'll never be a god.
Thanos Twitter emoji: ………
BOTH: Armwrestling
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AndrewSuttonHobbyist Digital Artist
lol he'd snap his arm off XD
Kragerles's avatar

I spy baby groot

Onewingednightmare's avatar
lmao, like the Big Hero Six bot you threw in.
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