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Man of Steel

I absolutely loved Man of Steel, such a great movie! So much destruction and chaos, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do an action packed piece based on the movie.

More art to come!
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I know a lot of people will disagree with what I’m about to say, but I must say this: If Superman HAD spared Zod...Then what? Think about it for a second: In the comics, whenever Superman fights Zod, he usually throws him in the phantom zone or a high-tech kryptonite-powered prison or some crap like that. However, In this movie’s universe, there’s no sufficiently advanced high-tech prison that can hold super villains yet. Also, Superman doesn’t know how to access the phantom zone and he doesn’t know that kryptonite is a thing yet. Therefore, without access to the phantom zone, kryptonite, magic, red sun energy or anything that could restrain someone as powerful as a kryptonian...where would he have put Zod? There’s absolutely nothing that can restrain or hold someone like him. If Superman had spared Zod, there would’ve been another fight equally as destructive as the first one...and there’s no guarantee that Superman would win the second round. Plus, back in the Christopher Reeves movies, Superman killed Zod there too and nobody complained about it back then. Strange, isn’t it?
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Wouldn't call it a great film, but a very good adaptation of Superman in a modernized world here in the 21st Century, with a realistic approach at the ramifications present during the invasion
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I love this film.
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Big fan of your work can you do one of tmnt Raphael vs X-Men Wolverine
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I didn't like it. It was a generic superhero movie, but NOT Superman. If it was anyone else, it would have been great. But that was distorting the hero himself (like they have pretty much done in the new 52 but anyway).
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I liked it! I just thought it didn't really feel like a superman movie 
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i thought man of steel was awesome. but...i only have one thing to say (forgive for saying this): FUCK THE NOSTALGIA CRITIC!
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He nothing but an annoying bitch, and his brother as well
Yeah, and how are those people you're supposed to be saving coping with all this destruction, Clark?
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love your work
I agree, Man of Steel is a great movie. Especially the action.
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Zod: I will find him! I WILL FIND HIM!

Superman: Here I am, Zod! *WHAM!*

Nice job!
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Awesome work :D

Superman: You think you could threaten my MOTHER?!!!!!!!
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You... Liked... It?...
With the blacklash it recieved I was really down in my opinion. When I see someone who liked it I get excited. You should make a fanmade Justice League Poster, Or a Batman Vs. Superman One.
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outstanding ... super like 
I hate superman but your art is INCREDIBLE even with lame superman
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