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This was a commission for one of my close friends Brent, he is a big comic book guru and loves the new Joker 52. I really enjoyed doing this picture because it was a little different to anything else I do. The darkness of the image really gave me something to think about, the harsh shadowing was tricky but I think I learnt a few things from doing this.

I hope you all enjoy this piece.

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Face to Face to Face!
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Its amazing jokie!! 
LazyRayFinkle's avatar
Yeesh, this is unsettling. Nice work. 
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Ah, I really love this Joker and am freaked out at the same time. He really is insane after what he did to himself! XD
Wow. It´s the first time I´m realy frightend by the Joker. Before I was more like Heath Ledger. ``Do you wan´t to know how I got these Scars?´´
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He's very terrifying.
Good thing 52 Harley dumped him.
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best joker yet .... period stunning work .... please do some zombies etc your darkness needs revealing
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How he hasn't contracted an infection from all of that exposed flesh I'll never know.  But then again, maybe I don't want to.  

Out of curiosity, can he still see out of his left eye?
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Incredible! I love it *^*
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I always loved Death of The Family!
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Is he...wearing his own face as a mask? 
Renshao's avatar
Read Death of The Family.
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Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Emote: flee 
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Nice creepy looking Joker you have here. 
King-Kirby's avatar
aaa holy shit this is awesome
Where's the leak, Ma'am?
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very beautifull *-*!! cool
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