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During the recording of our podcast, The Bearded Geeks, I did a sketch of Pennywise from the current horror movie, It. We decided to turn it into a sketch giveaway where listeners would have to come up with a scenario where Pennywise the clown was coming after me, with my worst fear, it was a lot of fun! And we had a lot of great entries and a winner.
You can see how it all played out here:……

I then decided to turn that sketch into a full piece. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it, the movie was amazing, if you haven't seen it, then I highly recommend you do, great movie all round.

You can also download the original PSD and more by supporting my Patreon:

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OMG this is so fuck**g cool ! I love it, beautiful !

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Is it with lineart or without?
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Awesome Work!!! 🎈🎈🎈
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This is so freakishly believable.
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Whoa.......... This is amazing. I am awestruck.
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Terrifyingly awsome!!!!
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Now that is creepy. Good job.
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it looks really cool.
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this drawing without a line art is certainly not patrick browns default art style. but it is something fresh so i recommend Mr. Brown to do more Pieces in this style.
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You'll float too!!
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ou! love it. you're the best brother
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Am I the only one who think pennywises aren't focused in the movie? Like fish eyes? That little detail makes him all the more scarier...0.0
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Earlier I was looking at IT posters, and they all had red balloons on them, and I just randomly stated: "Because who wouldn't take a red balloon from a freaky-ass clown." 

(By the way, this is amazing! :3)
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I like your work so much, you are an exemple for all ! Maybe one Day i'll be good too haha
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Wow! Thanks so much! And I believe in you. Everyone has a good artist inside of them waiting to break out and shout: "HA! YOU DOUBTED ME, BUT I'M HERE!"

btw, I don't even know where that suddenly inspirational quote came from o-o
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this is amzing wowww
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This piece shows the maturity you've developed as a professional artist.

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