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Hitman - Requiem

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Another to add to Hitman collection I've been doing for IO Interactive. This one is based of the mission Requiem from Blood Money. One of my most memorable moments in the Hitman series.
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Hahah I remember this xD First time I got to this level they just lowered me into the ground and I died. :D

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I guess the correct title for this would be: smoking kills
EatenRibs's avatar
I don't think he survived in this crossed fire
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this is a great depiction of the requiem mission in BM, such a epic part waking up out of the casket when they think he's dead. excellent "freeze frame" type visuals.
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"Shit, cover's blown; well here goes nothing." BAM BAM BOOM BOOM HAKKAKAKK BOOM
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It's like opposite of Jesus resurrection. He killed them all.
Paper-Piper's avatar
hes a good marksman 
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Best game character I came across.
Paper-Piper's avatar
He's got competition with Sebastian Castellanos
uderzoin's avatar
Sorry, didn't play that game.
Paper-Piper's avatar
The Evil Within 2 is definitely worth it ^-^ I'd like to see Agent 47 square off against the Valentini guy too
uderzoin's avatar
I might try but I'm not into horror games anymore. Maybe I'll watch walkthrough on youtube.
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This is me if someone ruins my stealthy approach.....everyone get's brutally murdered then I restart like it never happened 😂
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my favourite hitman has to be contracts but this comes a close second
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When you go to the funeral of 47 but 47 turns it in your funeral. 
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This is amazing, it does a great action shot that makes hitman look friggin cool, and that color g is gorgeous.
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i love hitman Swoon~ 
Great great great !
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Man, this mission was hard as hell. Mostly because the dual Hardballer reload slow as fuck.
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Hitman unleashed, awesome art work.
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This is so awesome!

my favorite part is the jaws though
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Wow! :lol: This is good!
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