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Hitman Absolution - The Orphanage

By PatrickBrown
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So lately I've been working with the makers of Hitman (IO Interactive) to do some fan art for the upcoming game Hitman Absolution, which I'm really excited about. I'll be doing a series of fan art based on the game which will then be featured by IO Interactive.

Check out the feature: [link]

I'm really excited about this, mainly because I'm a huge Hitman fan, I love the games and I can't wait for absolution. This picture is based on The Orphanage trailer.

Let me know what you think :)
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I don't know if someone has already mentioned it, but Hitman really does look like Zinédine Zidane in this one
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great work man
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Nice indeed.
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This is what I did when I played that level. I picked up a shotgun and got to work, didn't care about the Silent Assassin ranking and just went for what seemed story-appropriate.
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bloodanarcyHobbyist General Artist
Good work 47
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SamBiswas95Hobbyist Digital Artist
A highly terrific image. An excellent job of your work. 
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NutroniCHobbyist General Artist
Here's some coverage I have given it…
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beefersHobbyist Artist
great piece, love the action blur.
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Aty-S-BehsamProfessional General Artist
I absolutely love your Hitman works!
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GoblinounoursHobbyist Digital Artist
Wish I could've done that in the game, but when you try to go for the "silent assassin" score, you gotta hold back that kind of desires. :p
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unbelievably awesome work
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CaleblewisHobbyist Digital Artist
Love the expression on 47's face
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DumpsterKidHobbyist Traditional Artist
I've been playing absolution like crazy lately.
i was playing this mission the other day wher I gotta shoot it out or somehow sneak by some cops checkin this pothead house lookin for 47 and i was thinkin
'I bet PatBrown could illustrate awesome as fuck.
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Agent 47's face looks kinda of weird.
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G-LabStudent Digital Artist
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J25TheArcKingHobbyist General Artist
Yes 47! Take them down!
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jiraelHobbyist Traditional Artist
this is awesome. Love the movement and blurry effects!
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LawleighetteHobbyist General Artist
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VamkireTrannelHobbyist General Artist
This is one of the best artworks I have ever seen!
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JustIRazielHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice work.." Happy birthday" is fiction from your mind, is it?
I am waiting for Hitman absolution as well :D
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Hooray for diplomatic negotiations!
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EcforHobbyist Digital Artist
magic levitating neck-tie makes everything awesome =D
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