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Hitman Absolution Launch

By PatrickBrown
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This was the final piece of artwork I did for IO Interactive, now that the game is out. I hope you got yourself a copy, it's brilliant! I've been playing it since it first hit the shelves! Absolutely amazing game. I'm a huge Hitman fan and this game just tops them all.

Here's the series of pics (from newest):

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Brianna330Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, yes. Gotta love that walking-away-coolly-from-an-explosion scene.
Night-Reign's avatar
I love your work. Where did you learn how to draw?
1234567890dd's avatar
You nailed the right-arm-way-out thing.  :)
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Browsing randomly I came across this, and had a mental short-circuit in recognition that I found internally amusing. So I have to ask the question - 

Is it weird/wrong that when I first saw this, that - just for a second - I thought "That's the most BAD-ASS Lex Luthor I've ever seen!"  :D
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Absolutely amazing!
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CarmaTowerHobbyist Traditional Artist
Man! I really love this art!!!
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JW-GojifanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Anybody looking forward to the Hitman movie?
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brixcatinsag7Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am!
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JW-GojifanHobbyist Traditional Artist
From what I've seen, It's looking good.
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*47 thinks to himself* "Don't look back, Steve... there's no fiery explosion just inches behind you..."
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RebellingLemmingHobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool again!
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outlaw393Hobbyist Writer
Professor Xavier? Must be his moonlighting job. LOL
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Shadow-BbyHobbyist General Artist
Like A Boss Emote Cool guys walk away from explosions...
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J25TheArcKingHobbyist General Artist
Blows the bomb and walks away like a boss !
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AethericAbyssHobbyist General Artist
For a second or two I thought this was Lex Luthor hehe.  Good work though
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Wow, didn't see this up for IO
Did they use it for promotional art ?
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CiriaJacobsStudent Digital Artist
It never gets old ....awesome....
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Paddywoo98Hobbyist Writer
Cool guys don't look at explosions, that goes double for 47 and Mr. Brown. Absolutely wonderful :)
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I love this
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00paincakes00Student General Artist
the lack of fucks your 47 gives is awesome
toasterover's avatar
47 looks like Slenderman gone badass, or Lex Luthor being a mercenary.
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AlmostMyselfStudent Digital Artist
Aw, this is my favorite
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I'd like to see one of 47 as the Patriot vs Sanchez, that was one of the best missions for me, the music was very head bobbing, and Sanchez was a dude who could fill in for the Ustanak's [link] stunt double.
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